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Hello my new friend xxx!
I`m very glad to receive your letter!
How are you today? How is your mood? I hope everything is ok..
Your English is pretty good and i am fully understand you.
I want to say xxx, that you mustn`t see big problem in our age
difference, i know that many people communicate well and have good
relations, despite differences in age, the main things are
understanding and trust to each other, and then age barriers will be
not so important.
I want to know you more closer and better xxx, i think you want to know
about me more too.
You already know, my name is Irina, i`m 28 years, i live in city
Volgograd in Russia. My zodiac sign is Libra. I must tell you that this
is my first time, when i am dating with man trough the internet..i hope
we will become good friends with you, maybe something more and will have warm relations...
In this letter i want to tell you about myself in details and i hope for you
it will be interesting to know more about me, and i hope that
you also will tell me about yourself in the following letter, because
it is very important for me to know you better. I will begin from that i was born
in city Volgograd, i have spent all my childhood in this city, and i must
tell you, this city is good and i like here...
I am still living and working parents moved in city Saratov
several years ago...
I stayed in Volgograd, because i couldn`t leave my study in
University...when i finished my study and get a diploma about
finishing economic faculty, i found a job in small company and now i`m
working here like an economist...i make financial payments for all expenses and profits every month...
About my marital status i must tell you that i have never been married
and don`t have children...
Well...that is all for now about me my friend xxx...
Hope it will be interesting for you to read about me and my life and i want to tell you once again thanks
for your answer, i will wait for your answer as soon as possible to
continue our communication with you xxx!!!
Bye for now!
p.s. thank you for your photos xxx!)
Hello my friend xxx!!!
I am very glad to see your answer today. Thank you!
Your letter i read with attention and pleasure..
In my answer to you, i want to tell you that after i have read your
letter i am became pleased, i am very glad that we have meet with you over the
internet xxx.
I want to tell you xxx, i am very emotional, kind, tender
girl which want to find her love in this life and for me is very pleasant that
i have found you!
You know xxx,i think we must to knwo better each other before talk
about marriage with you,it doesn`t mean that i don`t want to talk with
you about it...i want just to be sure...hope you will understand me...
As i told you in my first letter, i am looking for real and serious
relations, i don`t want to play in love, because it is not good and
right, it is bad to play with what people feelings, i want to love and be
loved, i believe that every person can find love in this world and be happy.
I think the most important things in relations between man
and woman are trust and respect, in my opinion these are most
valuable things in relations, i think if both persons trust and they
respect each other they will be happy and always can understand each
other. I would like to know your opinion about it my friend xxx...
What do you think about it? I will be glad to read your opinion in your following letter.
Yesterday at work i had so much made and i`m very tired...i had to
view many offers from various company and select the most important
for our company....i am working in this company for a long time, i
understand this is not very good job...i pay a little money, and i
find it hard to deal with all alone, also i try to help my parents
because i must do it and take care of them...everyday is very
hard for me,because my work is not so is very necessary for
Maybe you can think that i don`t have any free time,it is not so...if
you want i will tell you about my hobbies and interests in my following
Now i will finish my letter and will wait from you the answer my dear
friend xxx!!!
Your friend Irina from Russia!!!