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Hello dear,

Thank you for your reply to my mail today I am writing to you with due respect and equally with heart full of tears and sorrows since we have not known or met ourselves previously. Please, i mean no harm to you only that i am in a desperate situation and need urgent help. After going through this mail, it will be your decision, whether to help me or to leave me to my faith, but whatever you decided, bear in mind, that i am in trouble and need your help.

I am asking for your assistance after much prayers and fasting. I will be so glad if you can allow and lead me to the right channel towards your assistance to my situation. I will make my proposal well known if i am given the opportunity. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. i am Miss Nancy, 22 years old girl, From Republic of Sudan. My late father Dr.Ray Nelson, was a successful exporter, producing and exporting beverage products,he have beverage industry in Sudan but it folded after his death . His sad moment occurred during the war in my country when he was murdered in his room along side with my mother.

After the burial of my parents, i faced a very hard time because no body seems to care for me , the situation became worst when raping and cold blood killing became the order of the day.luckly to me i escaped to Senegal by the help of a reverend sister who took me to a refugee camp where i am residing now in Senegal . When my father was alive he deposited the sum of Six million Five Hundred Thousand dollars ( $6.5 million USD) in a leading bank in which he used my name as the next of kin.

I came here with the statement of account and my late father death certificate.As my condition became unbearable, i contacted the bank for them to release some of the fund to me but they clearly told me that my father deposited the money under a comprehensive clause bond coverage and the bank gave me three option (1) I must attend the age of thirty years, (2) Get married (3) I should present a foreigner abroad who will help me transfer and invest the fund in a good business abroad.

I tried to explain my reasons for contacting them about the fund but they don t care to know what i am passing through since the death of my parents, all they advised me is to look for a reliable person who will help me in the transfer as they cannot go against the already stipulated conditions given by my late father and they promise to co-operate with any person of my choice when ever they are contacted for the transfer and that is why i contacted you to stand as my partner before the bank and transfer the money to your bank account in your country, i don t how to explain more of myself for clearly understanding but i want you if possible you can come down to Senegal and see me, then you can understand my situation now.

You as my helper will have nothing to regret.Please try and give me all your informations below so that i can give you the contact of the bank.


The above information will enable me to send a letter to the bank,This letter will allow them recognised you when you are acting on my behalf ,Upon receiving this information i will send to you the contact of the bank so that you can contact them for the transfer of the fund.

Note that all i have said are word of sincerity ,i am confident in this.You can call me with the Reverend telephone number (00221 776612477 ) his name is Rev. Pastor Testimony, he is the Reverend that is taking care of the refugee camp where i am living. And whenever you call me, please tell him that you want to speak with Miss Nancy and he will send for me in the women hostel to come and answer your call . as am writing to you now my most concern is my good health for i am sick now due to the condition of this refugee camp, i don t feed well as i do in my home and i don t have money for my medical treatment. Please dear i really need your urgent help to enable me regain my health and come out of this place. note that i contacted you after much prayer and fasting. I am waiting for your positive answer. I send my picture to you

Your sincerely,
Hello my heart desire xxx ,

Good day to you ones again today and how is your health ,i hope fine and God is taking care of you for me . i am very happy that God sent you to me and my intention is to be coming over to your country to come and stay with you for the rest of my life having lost all my parents and have know other home to be called mine other than to be with you for the rest of my life.

Nothing can describe the way I feel for you,Your heart is so pure and true, Please i have not told anyone except you about the existence of this money and i will like you to please keep it secret to other people because since it is (MONEY) all eyes will be on it,

I have contacted the Finance Security Company and tell them that you will be contacting them on my behalf and that you are my beneficiary and trustee,they promise to comply with you , feel free to contact them .I am pleased with your consideration to lead me out of this situation, may the grace of our God lead you to finish up this transfer so that i can leave this sorrowful situation that has taken my happiness away for a while .

Honestly, it is God who saw your pure heart and brought you to help me, He knows that you are the right man for me and that you will be honest till the end . I prayed seriously for God to give me a nice and sincere man who will be sincere and can take very good care of me . God answered my prayer by bringing you into my life, . You are the right man i choose for the rest of my life.

Most importantly i want you to fill the gap which the death of my parents created in my heart and moreover i want you to bring me out of this terrible refugee camp to your country immediately after the transfer . Every minutes i think of my situation here, it makes me shield tears always because i have never expected such in my life . Below is the contact of the Finance Security Company, please contact the Finance Security Company, by their e-mail address immediately.

Pacific Royal Finance & Securities, London.
148,Cannon Street, London, England EC7N 6AP
The name of the Manager : Dr.Joel Fred



TEL: +447031814675

Fax: +447010572146

Below drafted note , It is an application letter you will send to the Finance Security Company.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to state that My Name is Mr. ..........................................., I am the foreign beneficiary trustee to Miss Nancy Ray, I, Mr. ..................................................., Apply officially as it was directed by Miss Nancy Ray , in respect to her late father s deposit, Late Dr. Nelson Ray.
with Pacific Royal Finance & Securities, London, under your management .Being the co-beneficiary to the deposited fund with Pacific Royal Finance & Securities, London, May I pleased to know what is required of me and from Miss Nancy Ray , in other that the said deposit will be ship to me here in my country as desired by Miss Nancy Ray. Please ,Contact me through my Email Address: (
Let me know as soon as possible .
Respectfully submit .
Mr. ..........................................,


I am glad that God has brought you to see me out from this situation and i promise to be kind and i will equally need you in every area of my life plus investing this money with you if the Finance Security Company transfer it to your position, there is some thing i will like to hear from you, so now that we are going through the transfer where and what kind of business are you thinking that we can start investing from, as for me i think of stocks and shares though i believe you will know better, so what do you think,Please do not fail to update me with every development from the Finance Security Company, for me to know when the transfer is done . Confirm to me as soon as you receive this mail . Have a wonderful day with Millions of my kisses i send to you

Yours Sincerely love
Hello dear xxx,

Good day and how is your health today which is the most important thing to me pending my arrival to be together with you in your country after the transfer of my late father fund into your position in your country being my heart desire .darling, please i will like to hear from you if you have heard from the Finance Security Company on how possible it could be for them to transfer my late father fund into your position as i instructed them to do .darling, please reply me now and let me know if you have heard from the Finance Security Company or not because i am really worried to know if you have heard from the Finance Security Company or not in other for me to have a rest of mind and know what the Finance Security Company answered us regarding our request .

i will stop here for now while hoping and praying to hear from you if you have heard from the Finance Security Company or not .

your sincerely in love

Hello Dear,

Good day and how is your health together with the rest members of your family, I hope you all sounded good health and God is protecting you and your family being my prayer. You may not understand why this mail came to you. I want to use this opportunity to inform you that i have successed in getting the fund transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Paraguay.Presently I m in Paraguay for investment projects. Meanwhile, I didn t forget you. I thank you for your great effort to our unfinished transfer of the fund into your account due to one reason or the other best known to you. But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the fund into my new partner s account in Paraguay who was eventually,capable of assisting me in this great venture.

Due to your effort,sincerity,courage and trust worthiness You showed during the course of the transaction.I want to compensate you and show my gratitude to you and also to still have good busniness relationship with you as well with the sum of $350.000.00 I have left a certified international Bank Draft for you worth of $350.000.00 cashable everywhere in the world You will need to contact the Rev. father Testmonial Williams whom used to be a God-father to me when i was in Refugee Camp in Dakar Senegal, his name is (Rev.Testmonial Williams) and his email address is as follows :( ) I have authorized him to release the Sum of the $350.000.00 US Dollars to you whenever you contact him regarding for it. At the moment. phone.00221776612477

I m very busy here in Paraguay because of the investment projects,which I and the new partner are having at hand.Please I will like you to accept this with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart, Also comply with (Rev.Testmonial Williams) directives,so that he will send the Cheque to you without any delay. Thanks and God bless you and your family. Do not hesitate to inform me as soon as you recieve the cash.