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Good Afternoon
How was your night? Guess it was okay and i just came back from church to see your wonderful email and hope you mean what you said...With much i do i would like you to send me an email telling me more about you and what you are looking for and i would also do the same in return...Have a nice working day
Sincerely Yours
Thanks for your kind response and its nice to hear from you and you look handsome...I would deem it necessary to know you too and who knows we can be the best of perfect match...Well let me tell you a bit about myself and what am looking for....My name is Tamakloe Dela Faith never married before but has a boyfriend, we live very happy for 2 Good years till we currently broke up due to some misunderstanding well known to me, I have one sister attach to me making two and we have lost our parents for about 3 years now, life is so cool with me and we are managing, For now am not working and feeding from my savings, i was a sales accountant before am jobless, Iam a loving and a caring lady who has a good sense of homour but above all God fearing, am humble, open minded and soft spoken,i need a loving and a caring man that we can live happy till eternity, someone who would love me and care for my needs and i would be there for me when he needs me,someone who is ready to start a new life and ready to trust and be together with a warm kind hearted woman....I have hhad a bad experience over this internet although am new to internet dating but have just had several experiences...Well nice meeting you and who knows we can be the best of perfect match and ask me anything you would like to know and we would take it from there...Have a nice weekened
that is a photo of my late parents
Good morning...
Hope you had a soundsleep and never had a repky from you to my previous reply...Guess all is okay...Looking forward to hear from you
Hi xxx
How is your day Going? Hope all is well and am also fairing this morning by his i must admit am so much touch with your words and you have shown me every reason to start a relationship with you and i thank God for my life that i have foremost finally met you......I have a great feelings we can work things out cus i have see so far we are all serious, Hmmmmmm life Goes on but i would put everything into prayers and would always remember you in my prayers, for your work and for your health,Life is how you make it and there are times of bad and Good times and hope we are going to cross the river to eternity, i don t know you much nor seen you inperson but i have a great feelings towards you and am ready to be there for you when you need me both in-times of bad and good times, Yes am ready to travel to Germany but trust me is not just easy and you know it too but if there would be an alternative we can plan it out and hope if am there am safe cus i have never traveled out of the country before so hope everything is going to be directed and updated by you but don t you prefer coming here to see me inperson first before we would plan for me to get to you? is just a suggestion and let me know what you think......I would write to the xxx on to take off my profile and i expect you to do the same, we are both the reason why we are there and am sure of myself and want to delete myself to be sure of yourself too...How is your day going to be and would love to see more pictures of your house and surroundings, Do you have sisters? do they live with you too? what about brothers? tell me a bit about them and hope to see them oneday someday if you have
Have a nice blessed day with Gods mercy upon you
Sincerely Yours
Good Morning My Dear...
How are you doing? Hope you are fine and i have not heard from you and guess you are okay...My night is full of thinking about you and dear i cant wait to see you inperson..Have a nice succesful day with alot of kisses and love
Hmmm What is happening? Are you sure this is going to work? no emails nor phone calls, i have being trying to contact you but nothing works, hmmm i just hope you are Good