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My beloved friend.Red roseRed lips
My dear good and trusted friend, how are you today?, i sincerelly presume that you are in a healthy condition which is the most important thing in every ones life.

My dearlly beloved, iam so sorry for not to have replied your
mail as prompt as possible, please accept my apologies.

My dear friend, may i introduce myself once more. Iam originaly from the Federal Republic Of Liberia in Western part of Africa. My full names are Miss Precious Badu Saleeby.
My fathers name is Dr Ellie Saleeby and my mothers name is Roseline Saleeby. I am 23 years old and I am living in the refugee camp here in Senegal.

My dear sweet heart, of a truth life has not been very easy with me for a couple of times since i found myself in the Refugee camp here, through the aid of the United Nations Refugee Commission who through the grace of God at the peak of the war in my country air lifted us to a neighbouring county for safety where iam now as a refugee.

Meanwhile in course of this war in my country i lost my parents by the onslaught of the rebel faction, who killed my beloved parents because they were at the pinacle of power in the Liberian Government then.

However on arrival here i have some of my fathers vital financial documents covering deposition of funds in the United Kingdom,which i will send you the Bank informations in my next mail,so that you can Verify and contact them for the Release of the fund,which bears my name as the Beneficiary / Next of kin to this fund of the Sum of Five Million Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars.(USD $ 5.7 M ).

My dear good friend, iam so sorry to bore you with my tales of woes of my miseries and ugly experiences i have faced ever since the death of my parents.
My dear friend, as at this moment, i hardly eat once in a day, no good good food, no clothing and worst of all is my education that has been halted since iam here in this country ,while my parents when they were alive gave me the best of education.

My dear good friend, it has been my intention to use this money as was deposited by my father as soon as all moderlities for the release of the fund is concluded to invest it through your advice on any business you think lucrative and profit oriented,while i ask your permission to go back and finish my studies.

My dear good friend, the Camp Rev Pastor , has been my only confidant and my quardian ,as his counsels , support and prayers has been the only source of my joy and hope for a better tommorrow, so i advice you to contact me through his number,since i do not have a phone of my own to discuss with you.

My dear good friend,Let us make this place a better place for the less-previleged ones like myself,and bring a change to my frustrated destiny please.

As a reminder,please kindly call the Camp Pastor ,his name is xxx James,his number is +221-776294087, please if you call him tell him that you want to speak with me Miss Precious Badu Saleeby from Liberian Republic please.

Thanks for your kind gestures to the less-privileged like me iam so grateful and appreciative of your concern .

Attached here is my foto as a promised in my first mail.
Thanks for your beautiful fot you sent to me---you look so cute and handsome my love.

I remain your trusted friend.
Stay and remain blessed.