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Hi xxx, am Taty2020 from Rwanda Adult friend finder. sorry for the other mail, it is on hotmail and not yahoo! but anyway I often use this . kissssssssss, my best regards
Hi, am glad for ur introduction, it is my pleasure to find someone interested in me . to say my truth , my real name is Marine UMUKUNZI, born on 19 june 1986! I use lies on adult friend finder coz it would be dangerous if someone recognizes me on that site , being like out of rwandese tradition! am a very laugh girl, who like to have fun with someone in love, am really afraid about your shyness !am shy too sometimes, but really like affection. this is my true picture, if u like it, it is ok coz this is the true Marine. I am on my final year for xxxerol degree in Law, so am graduating this year from the National University of Rwanda. am a traditional dancer in the University troup, I think I told u everything important about me but ask me everything I don t mind, am there to respond. I never mind about your age coz the important thing is the common understanding of people and not the age .. best regards,kiss
hi hi, these are my other photos
Hi dear , wish I could enjoy that t.. today! but anyway how was your day? think u keep well, am gonna stay in my room in the week- end coz I have to write my research paper...
miss u.bzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu