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It is Hanna from AFF

xxx let me know if u get this
so we can continue knowing each other a lot better

wow thank u for the email i was very surprised. thats quite long and a very interesting email.ure the only one who tends to send me that kind of emails. its such a nice email the most wonderful email sent to me ever. :):) thank u so much for that reply. and ur effort to send that to me......
well thanks for saying that im very pretty and young lady :):) me too! im loving ur style and the way u introduce urself to me........ well i hope too that we could start a good communication.. one thing is for sure, we have somethings in common. like what do we want.....
no about ur language, its ok with me me too im not very good in english cuz i am a half british and also a half filipina. i hope u know that cuz i put that on my AFF profile......

and ofcourse let me introduce myself to u also,

My Name Is Hanna, ( hanna daniels) and iwas born june1, 1986, and im living in philippines rightnow............ i am 140 cm tall with a weight from 150pounds my hair is black now.. and its quite long but not very long............

i am working as a cashier, in some resto here in the Philippines near Caloocan city... but my House is in Valenzuela city........

well i normally go to work at 10AM my time until 8PM my time., so it is also a long day for me like u.. well me must exchange emails cuz we cant have free time to chat as were working everyday and very busy at work........ so exchanging emails will do i hope so:):):)

i live with my Mom, but right now unfortunately, she is at the Hospital. she is ill. freaking bad. i also study and go to work at the same time. But im afraid, i might stop schooling this sem cuz had to work hard so i could buy all my Mom s needs at the Hospital and also
to get her into her medications..........

i dont like to drink, smoke and gamble too. but i love eating BBQ s when im hanging out with friends. NO bf :):) still searching for the real one and if thats you I am lucky then.....well i think i would be love to know u and imight fall in love with u cuz u seemed real and interesting cuz thats what i liked in a Man:):)
u also sounds like a very gentleman person..........

about having Fun, and night outs. i had never did some, since my Mom is keeping me busy. my work and my school.. if u will ask me, why not come over there.? to come with u. ofcourse id love to but first again we still need to know each other s personality so we wont get hurt easily:)
im also still searching for my right one. for my soulmate cuz i do believe in fairytale. i hope u do too!

i really like exchanging emails with u hope we can talk more again.......

for now byeee. il be waiting for ur reply OK?

hanna xxxxxxxxx

P.S take care!!!

Are u there? I havent heard off from u thou :(
hmmmmmmn want to talk still?