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Hey thanks for the message i am so happy reading a mail from you and i am here seeking a real man who is ready to settle down and have kids and i do hope you have this quality i am 28 i love swimming and hanging out with friends.... so do tell my a little about you in your next mail ok and send me some pics too
Hello ,
Great to read from you.Will tell you a little about me.
Thanks for the Message.Am 28yrs old, I live in utah salt lake city own by my late parents.I was born in the month of february on the 11th ,1982.Raised in United State and United Kingdom,i am of mixed race (American/British)Hair: Blonde Height: 5 8", Eyes: brown Bust: 36 in (91 cm) Waist: 29 in (63 cm) ,Hips: 36 in (91 cm) ,Dress Size: 12 shoe Size: 7 ,Weight: 118 lbs (67 kg).My favorite colors are Pink and Blue.I m not salt lake city at the moment, I m currently on having a Voluntary work for WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ) we teach the youths against HIV in uk but would be on break in couple of days which i don t have to come back....really don t have any plan as of yet,more why i am on the site to see if i can meet someone serious then plan on visit for my break and see how it goes.I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through, see, I have been hurt so much in my past relationship which i regretted a lot and wouldn t want that to happen to me again...that s the reason why I said that I seek True love and a man serious ready for a long-term relationship..
I came from a Wealthy home but due to mistakes i made in my past relationship, made my parents had WILL with lawyer that i must get married or have a Next of kin before i could claim my inheritance so i can manage all i get financially wise..I lost my Parents years ago in a Car accident which i was the only survivor i missed them a lot really has been lonely without them.Im the only Child.I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through good and bad times and won t give up on you is what I am looking for..
I do not smoke. I do drink on social occasions.... well concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous woman. My desire is to be sexually faithful to the man I marry. If two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their partner s sexual behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. Moreover, I am currently working on my own cos I had to try something else after I lost almost all I had to my last relationship.Looking good is what I spend most of my time doing. I need real love. I don t play games and am not ready to be played.Distance is not a problem. If I find the right man. I dont mind relocating as long as I find the right man . I will like to know you better .possibly can because I like to have the man who is ready to spend the rest of his life with me and start our sweet family! Life is too short to play games. I am a very busy Very independent.I am single never been married , No kids...I will wait to hear from you so soon

Best Regards