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hello there thanks so much for your email adress now we can communicate easier
am realy interested in getting to know you please tell me more about yourself and your real names
and you can ask me anything about me.
looking forward to hear from you
lots of love emily
Dear Janiek
thanks so much for your mail and the pics you look good but you know what if l come to stay with you in germany l will make sure you grow your hair l like when you have blonde hair.
my story is interesting because l have a very large family l was born in a small town in the upcountry
called Embu,my father was a farmer till his death last year august and my mother is a house wife
l have five brothers and two sisters who are all working in the city.
my real names are Emily Wangari and l was born in 1978
l have not been married but l have had boyfriends who l end up breakingup with.l find black men not romantic
because for me l like romance like kissing,holding hands,l love sex l love showing love openly to someone that l realy love.
am living at the moment in a small towm called thika in a small rented house of which l work in a small company that sells macadamia nuts.
L havent had a boyfriend for a long time because the last one l had broke my heart and l almost giveup looking for one untill l got this dating site and l got your message
L would like to ask you do you love travelling?and seeing new places,meeting new people and walking on the beach?because as for me l love all that.and would you like me to come to germany first or you to come first?
Kenya is a beautiful country with wild animals and very natural.
L too dont smoke but can drink a little wine
l will send you more pics tomorrow
looking forward to hear from you dear
love from emily
Dear Emily,

thank you for your mail and your picture. I like the Lady on the pictures very well. You have an open face, a beautiful face in my eyes.

I came back late from work today again, so I can t write too much. But I want you to know, that I enjoy to read from you and so I only want to do a reponse to you.

But one thing I want to anser, before I prepare my dinner and go to bed. I like travelling. My favorite way to travel is by bicycle. I like this, because I can be in nature, do some sports and I can go where I want. But I also have dreams about travelling outside Germany. I want to go to the countries of Scandinavian (Sweden, Norway, Island). One day I will go there - I know it. Perhaps with a pretty Lady from Africa. :-)

Now I must say good bye. I wish you a good sleep and I hope to read back from you.

Greets and a little night kiss from
Dear Janiek
thanks so your reply l know now that you love travelling as l
dont have to say much today but l have some more pics for you
enjoy yourself
love emily
Good morning Emily,

just arrived at work and made a check to my inbox. Thanks for your reply and thanks for the pictures. I like what I see again. :-)

I like the shape of your hands and fingers. They are well-kept.

I just want to send a short greet and I will reply to you in the evening, when I am at home. During work I am not allowed to use internet for private things.

Have a nice day and I hope to read back from you
Dear Janiek,
thanks so much for your reply l love your story very much.L love traveling so much and seeing nice places and new things that l havent seen in for me l dont know how to cycle l tried it ones with my brother when we were little and l almost broke my leg since then am always afraid of riding
For romance l love what you love l love that touch,kissing,sqeezing and in a qiuet place where only the two of us are.L think the ideal of us meeting is good so that we can see each other, feel each other and the connection.
with who comes to the other we have to talk about it so that we are sure we trust each other.
L would have liked so much you to come first so that you see africa and find out whether you love it but we have to discuss this so that we see what is best for both of us.
l love reading books also but l romantic novels,will you get me one too?
anyway my dear am hoping we will be able to talk about all this things
enjoy yourself
love emily
Good morning Emily,

just arrived at work and check my inbox. In this moment I received your mail. :-)

Have a nice day and I will reply to you in the evening again.

Kisses from
Dear Emily,

just came back very late from work - as I said yesterday. Also tomorrow it will be late again.

For now I only have time to eat a little bit and then I must go to bed. Sometimes I hate my job, but I am happy that this happend only a few times in the year. Normally I love my job and the work is normal. But now there is a big trouble in company.

About the real meeting we will see what will follow the next weeks. In my last mail I wrote down only my minds and do this offer. Perhaps you are right, so I will come to Africa. I think I will imaging this for me and when it is time we decide together the best way.

At weekend I must do the last jobs in garden before autumn season is coming. The summer is going down, today was the last sunny day with warm temperatures. From tomorrow it will be autumn. So my weekend will be busy again, but after that I will have only quiet weekends. I hope I can ride bicycle. It is a pity that you are hurt by riding bicycle. I hope you will try it one day, if you come here. A little bit practice and I guess you will learn and love it. It is so nice to be in nature and drive along the street at nice places. Normally I drive there where no traffic is. So not on the great streets, but on the small one.

What you will do at weekend? Looking after cheetah again? :-)

For now I end my mail and I hope to read back from you - tomorrow morning.

Have a good night, Emily, and dream sweet.

Kisses to you
Good morning Emiliy,

I just arrived at work and check my inbox. Nothing from you. :-)

Have a nice day and I hope to read from you today.

Greets and kisses
hi my dear l was not able to write earlier because there was no internet but now its ok. am doing fine and over the weekend l have nothing to do am not visiting the cheetah because my girlfriend that we visit with will be going to see her mother.l dont look after the cheetah but l visit the national park where they are taken care of.its a beautiful national park l hope one day you can see it too.
have a nice weekend and waiting to hear from you
many kisses emily
Dear Emily,

how are you doing? I hope you feel fine and you have had a nice weekend.

My weekend was very busy, because the weather was good and I have to do some jobs in the garden. The summer season is going down and I must prepare the garden for autumn and winter. Do you like working in garden?

I am very interesting in all what is about animals. Here in Germany we have several zoo and parks, also with animals from Africa and all over the world. I like the unbelievable number of different animals. The most I like are reptiles and fishes. I think it will be very interesting, if I have the chance to visit you, to see all this animals in free nature. :-)

Do you have some special animal you like very much?

For now I will take a shower and prepare to go outside to see some friends and drink a cup of coffee. Tomorrow will come the beginning of the next working week and there is no time enough for private things.

Have a nice afternoon and I hope to read back from you and see some more pictures of you.

Greets and kisses from
Dear janiek,
am doing good and all is well here.we have also very beautiful weather alot sunshine and blue skys it so nice have just woken up very early today because l have alot do today.thanks so much for your messageam happy to read from you.
We have a very big garden at my village and l worked so many times there when l was alittle one but not any more now.
l love being in the nature and taking care of it its a nice thing.
you have zoo in germany? here we have real homes or national parks very big ones for the wild animals its realy beautiful yuo will enjoy its some day.
l will send more pics soon
have a good day and enjoy yourself
l want to let you know that when l dont write to you everyday am always ok but maybe l may not have the money to go to the cyber ok
many kisses and hugs
hi janiek,
how are you my dear l hope you are doing fine,sorry l didnt write to you yesterday but am ok and doing fine
thanks so much for the photos you sent me you look great.
l just wanted to send some photos to you and wish you a good day
hope to hear from you
hi janiek, Click here to play the blowing a kiss Bandoo Emoticon!
hi dear?long time since you wrote to me.
are you ok?l hope you are doing fine and you are well.
l just miss you
many hugs and kisses
Aloha State,