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Hey xxx

Thanks so much for your message to me on AFF.. It was a pleasure
reading from you and i really likes all what you have to say. I only
log on today and saw your message with address and I thought it very
wise to send you this letter right away with some pictures of myself
hopefully they finds you well and in the best of health. Anyway
xxx, I read your message with joy.

I was really glad. Why? Because you are a very nice gentleman looking
at your profile and a dream come true.. This is something in details
of myself, I am Ruth Okorieh but my friends calls me as a nick name
cally. I Consider myself an all the way lover. Almost That Means I ll
do anything to please. I love to kiss my man all over from head to
toe. Shall I say more? I like quiet times just listening to soft music
and going for rides in the country. The thing you ll like the most is
That I ma one man woman! I have a very soft heart. I am understanding,
easy going, very Generous, open minded, Passionate, affectionate and
caring. I am new on internet dating and here to give it a try. Most of
my friends Consider me as a very pretty, attractive, sexy and kinky
looking lady with a sparkling and seductive eyes and a stunning white
looking skin tone. I m single, never married and currently not Into
Any relationship. I m really missing the companionship in my life and
this is the time I Seriously need a special someone to share the rest
of my life with. I seek for a very romantic, sexy and very kindhearted
man Who is in Seeking for historical Devoted lover, true friend and
future wife. I am looking for a person Who Believes in working as a
team, by Which We together, can Overcome and conquer all that stands
Before us. Also I am willing to relocate from Ghana and be with that
special someone anywhere in the world.

xxx, I am seeking "That someone is sexually adventurous,
spontaneous, and loves to laugh and I know you are out There and it is
just a matter of time Before We Find Each Other. I am looking forward
to That Day with all my heart. I am Preparing myself for you Each Day.
What You Could Be Imagining like. What do you look like? Are you tall,
dark, white, and you are pretty or short, thick, and cuddly? No matter
what, you are for me and i Regardless you will love What Happens
Through the Years. I hope to grow old with you for the rest of my
life. To celebrate good times with you and support Each Other Through
the bad times .... We will learn about Each Other Things every day. We
Will Not Always Have good times But we will Always Love Each Other
Through Our Problems and work .....

So i promise you forever. We will have fun watching football games,
taking walks, and watching movies. I look forward to That Day and
Until Then, i will be waiting for you with open arms and my heart full
of love just for you., Although I May be young for my age. But do you
know something? Age Regardless ve Always Been Considered Both as long
as couples or parties Understands Each Other and is very Devoted to
One Another. To me, age is just a number. If this Finds you of Any
Interest and would be glad to know and see much of me as I would be
glad to know Also and see much of you, Then get in touch and lets
start with a new adventure of Our Life of getting together.

I would be waiting to reading from You with everything about yourself,
your family, your likes and dislikes, work, sexual Aspirations and
your dreams with the right woman and Some pictures yourself and who
knows, maybe fate might be on the verge of Bringing us together.

Until Then,

Ruth: X: X: X: X