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Hello Dear ,

I am Glad to finally have your email address right now....I believe this way , We would be able to communicate much better and become more acquainted also. let me tell you little more about myself.....

I am a down to earth woman, I am honest , caring , loving , passionate , truthful , ,open-minded and i also like sex a lot but with my one and only man... i do not cheat and i love to stay loyal and faithful to my man and for us to have a nice relationship together and explore many sexual fantasy too at the same time.

I am 28 years old. ia m 5"7 feet tall and i weigh 58kg.. i am down to earth , open -minded and fun to be with. i love the outdoors ALOT and my hobbies are singing , swimming , dancing , reading and watching tv.. I live in Nigeria i am the only child of my parents ...i lost them both about 3 years ago in a car accident and since then i have been alone and all by myself. i work in a saloon where i make and plait hairs for women.. i like to go to places and have fun. i would like to relocate to my loving and caring man to spend the rest of my life with, I am single and have no kids
I seek the heart of a caring , loving , affection , passionate and high sex drive man and loving master to spend the rest of my life with.....
i like honest people , serious people and someone that is open-minded. I hate liers , Unserious people and gamers too..

I am going to wait for your response and hope you would write to me soon.
I have attached some pictures for you now and hope that you like them , also would love to see some of yours too.

My email is
Phone Number is +2348079070236

Hugs and Kisses

Hello Dear xxx , I am still hoping to read from you soon.

you are on my mind and i want to get to know you better and become acquainted with you more n more..

Hugs and Kisses.

Good Morning Honey Was Hoping you would have read my email and replied.. but still nothing from you.. Anyways , Hope you would soon.

xxx , I have sent you my pictures.. I mean it... I am not here to cheat on you and i swear by it..
I never lied to you. I swear... i m loyal and want a good life with you.
Dear xxx , I have worked for several sites here.. as a porno. i live alone. my parents are passed away . that is why i did it for a living but i have realized my mistakes. i want you with the bottom of my heart xxx and am not joking or playing games with you . Hugs and Kisses. Regina.
Hello xxx ,

I am crying right now because you are Judging me for my past. I have a bad past before after my parents died in car accident. i had to do what i did to earn some money for me to live. I am sorry if this hurts you and you do not wish to communicate with me . but i think i need to be honest with you and i was going to tell you about this before you found out yourself...I am sorry xxx. I love you and want a good life with you Can you please cal me now. wish to speak with you on Phone. My Number is +2348079070236 .. what is yours?? I really want you and look forward to getting to know you better and we can re-start our communication. Missing you. Regina.
Dear xxx , Thanks for your email to me . I appreciate it. I also like the pictures of your Holiday..Its cute... Thanks for telling me about yourself.. you are down to earth and i like that .., I want to come along with you. for better for worse , for rich for poorer , in health and in sickness , by your side all the time, take care of you , learn more and more about each other , make you Happy always and all the time , talk together , Laugh together , share our hapiness together , share our sorrows together , share our life together and together we would be a complete somebody.. this is my dreams....

Make love together , sweat together , kiss , hug , make love and cuddle around each other to bed and wake u up with a blow job and nice kiss and prepare coffee and breakfast foryou and then you can kiss my forehead when you go to work and i will take care of the house and prepare a nice meal before you get back home , you can kiss me when you get back too , I take you to the shower , serve your dinner , watch tv together and then off to bed to make love and sleep off again for the day. and sometime when you are off work, we travel together , off to the cinemas, talk together , crack jokes and laugh . share drinks , go to dinner, i love to swim and we can go to swim . I love watching movies also reading novels ..

Honey ,To talk about commitement..I am commited to you and want to give you myheart and hope that you will not let me down.. I prefer clear and straightforward communication. I hope the following email is not too long. Nevertheless I put a huge effort in it.

– I WANT to come along with YOU! Some examples what I mean:

I like to live with you, to cry, to laugh, to discuss, to touch, for you to leave me with a kiss in the morning, to come back to kiss for welcome. Sleep beside or together with you and feel save during night. To kiss, to feel your warmth and sometimes (very often ) the heat. To cook, to dine, to travel, to discuss, to watch movie, to go to cinema, to understand, to spend time with you. To create a common sense, to go to the mountains,…

I Like honest , caring , Open-minded and serious people. I hate liers and people that hide things and are not too open.
I love company alot. love swimming and go faster than a fish . LOL. My favorite colour is blue. My greatest sexual position is doggy style in my ass and pussy alternatively .I also love been licked. it drives me crazy and then i can Squirt all over your face ....

I describe myself as submissive and obedient. this allows me to show(teach) you the joy of sex. To give you and to give me high pleasure. How to kiss, to touch, to massage, to fuck me, to lick me, .! In different form from tender to wild. In various positions.
Both will strengthen our partnership. and live hapilly together in our House.

This all and much more I WANT to join with YOU! xxx to explore and have the beauty of life together!
You are always On my mind.
and i hope that you take me as i am...

Do you have yahoo Messenger so that we can chat and get to know each other better...

I am still hoping to read from you xxx , I am missing you and thinking about you.

Hugs and Kisses.