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hello my dear new friend xxx
i hope this mail find you quite surprised and i am very attractive and love to send you this short mail and wish for further relationship with you.i need good friend and lover whom i want to meet in real person after we have exchange mails , pictures and get to know each other better.
here i am now for you , you are looking for sincere, royal ,honest sexy africa woman for friendship and relationship and i am also here serious looking for friend and lover whom i wish to meet here in ghana and it will be nice to meet you and we will have good time fun together.
well , let me tell you bit of myself to you first.
i am naomi ferkaa, single black beautiful never married, no kids stay at sunyani alone, i m 27 years old, 170 cm tall ,56kg in weight.i m very honest faithful ,respectful ,easy going sexy , romantic. i like cooking ,dance, reading,swim,sport,camping ,beach, pets etc. i am here looking for good soul mate whom i will relocate and spend all my lifetime with and we will get to know each other by meeting and talk have fun together.i have brothers and sister but not staying with me, i work at sunyani as land commissioner secretary , i have enclose here my person phone number for you to call and we will talk to hear my sexy sweet voice ,00233271494150. i wish we will have good time ,friendship with you for long time , this brief mail from me and hope we will get to know each other in mail we exchange soon
i hope to hear from you soon
hello my darling xxx
thank you so much for your wonderful kind of mail to me, unfortunately your mail was found in the spam, and i like to see more pictures of you,and i want to build good long time relationship.i have much time , love to explode to you with all my heart,i have never been with white man before and i am online to looking for real love, true partner whom i wish to spend all my lifetime with you,i have been hurt in past with ex-lover and that is why i choose to be on foreign friend and lover whom i want to spend all my lifetime with please tell me what will you look for our future relationship? i am serious looking for serious man like you whom i want to be with you in future, yes i have my own travel passport and i wish to get to know you better that we will get closer together in Germany and i want get settle down with you one day. yes i want to be with you forever,i want to be your future woman and i want to make everything possible to keep our friendship on regular basis,you mail keep me so calm and warmly , lovely .yes i will like to make good love and romance with you one day and i am really interested and willing to build good long time relationship with you.i like music, camping,beach,sport, pet, fishing, movies and i like to know you and your family.i am very happy and willing to be your good woman and we will share everything ,secret , thoughts together.i will like to hear from you soon
kiss. hugs from
hello my dearest werner
good afternoon sunday here in sunyani and i have now arrived from church and i seen your nice mail and 2 great pictures from you and it makes me feel happy, lovely and i wish i could jump into the next plane and come to you in germany.yes i m doing well here and it makes my heart feel with joy ,happiness to have meet you in my life and i want to make everything possible for us to make good long everlasting relationship leading to serious married and have great kids with me, yes i admire white kids and i wish to have kids with you as my future great family,so it important as you told in your mail to meet in real persons is better than exchange mails and chat, i am very interested to meet you in germany as i wish to live a better good love life with you and with one understanding, honest, trust,affectionate love we will be happiness couple for my dream to have see you face to face and feel your real touch with me,so now what will we do with the papers on visa acquisition? i learnt it will be better when you send me official invitation letter from german embassy and i can submit to accra for visa application, it will be easier and better if you can come to visit me here in ghana for 2 or 3 weeks and we get to know each other better, maybe you will have holiday in december? so we can spend good time with me here , but then i am serious and willing to come to you in germany when the process will work for us to meet, yes i want to be your future good black wife and cares for the whole house, cooking, washing ,cleaning and keep the house tidy, and i can also find good work there doing?i wish i can get green card for our marriage when we are together in germany. i will give birth to german kids for you,so you see i will be happy if you can find time to visit me here on short time, i hope you have the passport , visa for africa? marriage papers will work for us to be together. i m very serious and i wish i could hold you closer to family and friends all will be happy to see you here in ghana, when it arrange everything i can meet and pick you from the airport to sunyani, so consider if you could get chance for us to meet here first and we see german embassy together, and you talk to him about me your wife, want to stay with you in germany, i also think i will be need to learn bit german language when i wanted to stay with you according your german rule, but that will not keep us apart we can still meet so far as we are getting married. i want to experience life in europe and we will spend all time ,fun together, i will go to beach, shower, swimming together with you and we will have things in common and i believe you will prove good love and romance to me when get together. i like you so much and we will make good sex and love together, i have never make love with white man before and you will be the first white to be with me ,i will treat you good with good love ,care and affection super love, i dream and think of you all time i will like to send you this for your reading
kiss, hugs from me
kiss from me
hello my dear werner
how are you doing my dear love i have miss you and willing to hear from you soon and when will i hear from you ? i want to build good long time friendship with you soon and where have you been? i will like to hear from you soon