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thanks for the pics i guess there are some of my pics also ,i just add you to my messenger...cheers
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Thanks for your lovely and sincere name is Alice Moore, I m 27yrs old and will be 28yrs on the 06th of this december. i finished from mancherter metropolitan University in u.k .. england which i study education but I m into a bit of modeling for now. i really like your profile before sending you a message from the site and with the reply i saw makes me feel you are a serious man..
I have once dated someone through online dating who broke my heart and made me feel online dating is not real but i was influenced by my best friend Patty or married through online dating and she is happily married with her husband in Germany, she started like a joke and i do make jest of her then by she proved me wrong eventually when she traveled to her husband and settled down but i tried it at first and luck was not on my side.. i met a guy in Canada through online dating whom i traveled to after we got to know each other better and when i got there he lodged me in an hotel while he told me he has his apartment before i came over and after i insisted i want to know his apartment...he has no choice than to take me down there and i found out he was married with two kids and a wife.. my heart was really broken and i just find it hard to trust any more online .. your message sound cool and harmless but when it come to this i don t trust men
My dad is an American and mom is an African and they are both divorced 5 years ago and mom just returned to her country last year and just had to come over to her now .. just got to West Africa last month and the environment here sucks that I m fine it hard to cope with here and more-so , I m bored here as well... Seriously looking for a serious relationship online here and i;m not here for games but to look for the right man just like my friend did and I m giving online dating just the last chance in my life and if it fails me again i will quit forever..and concern about the sex i guess you are right about what you said.....(.sex is not the first level...)...but i most tell you i can only make sex with am man that is my husband and really loves me.....thanks for the picture and your English writhing is still okay to me ....if i most say with time i that will be okay for me....cheers