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Hello ,
I will tell you a little about real name is Faith xxx & am 31yrs,from CHARLESTON CITY in WV ,I am living with my granny,.I am the only Child of the family,my parent got married to each in the state....I m happy i have a wonderful parent like my parent but unfortunately i lost my parent years ago in a car wreck and it sucks...Right now I m in west Africa(Nigeria) & since when my parent have die it about 10years now since that time that is when i know what they calld Nigeria and i don t really know much about this environment but i am so adaptive so i get used to alot of things so easily and i get to understand how things are been done in the environment too as well....i have just started my career on trying to find he right man, and its really my dream and i seek a man who will support my dream...i got to Africa becos of my parent , becos no one wil take care of me in the state and on planing to get back to the state soon when i get the right man to marry me i have been single for so long complete my dream and has really been a dream come true for me to become a woman of myself and i have committed all my time and all i have into this career and i hope it leads to a very great future for me ,i am a very sincere and honest person,I m Caring, kind, social, smart, intelligent, passionate, friendly, romantic, and i believe in the truth and honest of love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that special person and i really am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i don t like hurting peoples feelings,cause everyone has a chance to laugh,so why do i make them sad..i am really very easy to get along with,fun to be with and am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation.and my life is based on the truth and honest of self personality...i would really like to get to know alot about you and learn somethings with you cause you seems to be kind of ready in getting to know my kind of person and hopeful we can meet in person soon..with time we will get to know each others feelings, motives and intention towards each other and it will help us grow knowing each other and trusting each other...i am looking for Honest,God fearing,loyal,trustworthy and intelligent person..i am looking for something long term relationship and I wish to be with someone that we accept me as I m and I want you to know that i have been hurt before with my (x) husband he like to caring allot of girl around .. he cheat on me..and I don t want that to happen to me anymore ...Honey I m not like Other woman that use to play a game On here .I d be glad if you can let both of us get to know more about each other and trust each other as well and I want you to know that I m a new member On here and i was Introduce here by a good friend of mine ...Let me know if you are interesting in me?

I ll be looking forward to read from you soonest.
Thanks and Have a nice wonderful day
Hello Dear...

Thanks for the lovely mail and i am glad you getting back to me...i will be coming back to the state anytime soon, just want to find someone nice before i come because I m ready to sacrifice myself the right man not the wrong man and make me happy.I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever.Distance between us does not bother me as I know we could meet it will be my pleasure to get to know more about you...I can see that this is the better way to get to know more about each other... I will like you to tell me more about you by Answering this Questions...and I will answer the same Question as well..Here i Go..

1)What do you seek for in a relationship?
2)What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?
3)What sort of relationship you seek for?
4)What interests you?
5)What do you do for fun?
6)Do you Like Intimate In public?
7)How long have you been single?
8)What s being single like?
90Do you know I m 31years old..Does age matters to you??
10)How do you treat your lady?
11)Why do you need a lady?
12)Can you love this lady?
13)What is love to you?
14)Would you hit your lady for any reasons?
15)Do you have a Kids?
16)When do you Start this Online Dating Atmosphere??
17?How Old are you?
18?What do you do for a Living?

and I ll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these questions.Where exactly are you living?Because I really want to get to know you and meet you.I can t remember when I talked so much about myself and to have the chance to read it back, it might sound weird but I am proud of myself and hoping for the day I can make more and better memories to share with someone special like YOU!!! Yours...i want to read back from you soon.
i dont understand the mail again baby