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hello dear,
This is lydia from aff......This is my photos... hope to hear from you soon..
Hello my dear,
I since to hear from you.. i am so glad.. How are you doing... I am lydia... My full name is Lydia Ansah Kumi and my date of birth is 31st August 1978..... I was born in Ghana.... And i am in Accra Right now the capital city of Ghana..The nearest Airport is kotoka international airport. Well is medium and also i am about 172cm.... I like reading romantic novels and also watching romantic films to enable me acquire the best skills for my love...I. Well i am a beautician ..... xxx finish my course.. er... Well i own my own life and i need to move on.. my family and friends will be always in my heart.... Yes have a tattoo and it is at the back of my waists .

Hope to hear from you .. if you have yahoo or msn so that we can chat online that would help both of us and enhance getting to know each other better.. Kisses