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You re welcome,
Sorry for the delay respond to your mail and hope you will forgive me and that can t stop the friendship that we are about to Build. How are you doing? I hope by the Grace of God you are fine...I am Authur Abigail, 32years, 5 8 feet tall , Brown hair , brown eye , fair in complexion Erbium born build , Bust 34C ,Waist 26 ,Hips 36 and weight 125 .(I am originally from Prince Edwards Island,Free Town, Canada) I work as a secretary for a Non Governmental Organization(N.G.O) named {UNICEF) who helps and supports street children and Orphanages but has now been transferred to West Africa{GHANA} to work for some time and very soon my contract will end.

I m kind, caring, funny, independent, family friendly, honest and maybe, just maybe, sometimes a wee bit too direct. Ah well, we all have our moments, right? I love to travel - be it down the block, down the road or down under the beautiful ocean.and am attracted to open and somewhat liberal minds, adventurous spirits, kind souls and warm hearts. It d be great if you re a tactile man who enjoys holding hands, long kisses, and all that cuddly kind of stuff,

I just came out from my last relationship about 3 years now and i came out with positively understanding ,but i think in a relationship both partners needs to make room for communication or create an avenue for discussing issues that affect the relationship besides always working towards making it better each and every day. Most often times, couples just forget to still do what they were doing when they first met and fell in love and as time goes on the love is pushed to the back and it becomes a matter of quarrel and misunderstandings.I know to love and be loved is a gradual step as it fundamental stage is Friendship and later on develops into an intimate relationship which needs much attention, trust and effective communication from both partners.

But to me I believe the most important spice in a relationship is (Trust,loyalty,care,communication and being able to do things together). I want someone who has a good sense of humor and a good sense of purpose and that he knows what he wants and always goes for them. I am at a time in my life when I need love because I am not getting any younger at 31years old.I want to get married and start a family so that I can be there for my unborn Kids .
I have a dream of a good future with a loving husband and a happy home with beautiful children, and i will like to be able to run a good business someday if necessary or better still be able to have my own private Shopping Mal where i will also work so that I can still continue to be able to help my future husband to take good care of our Unborn Kids ,Pay bills and other doubts .I am looking for a man(It s That You?) who will support me in all of these and who will also give me the chance to help him achieve his goals and dreams if need be. My dear i will be looking forward to the Answers or my Questions...

1.Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)...And have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet?

2.What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like? And What sports do you play or like?

3.What things do you feel passionate about?And do you believe in love at first sight?

4. Would you ever spend fund on assisting your partner when in need or in trouble ? And what do you for living.?

5.Are you a christian and do you attend church?

Try to send me some pictures as well. love is not about age difference but the happiness, love and trust built that s my believe, so I have no objection about your age.

Thanks for your mail again,

Good Night with sweet Dreams,
Night has fallen down here and the moon has appeared and a nice weather here too, anyway how’s your day been? I hope you did had a good day as I did here too. Am very happy to close from work and to read this warm heated and sensible email as such from you Eduard....Thanks for your compliments about me and guess what: You do look awesome and very outstanding and i think i really liked what i saw myself and i think you need to send me more ,because i want to see more of you please..Lol smiles.. I do agree with you that, this is a good start between both of us..Well never mind about your English, i can understand when you write like this and hope you will be better as time goes on because, i am wiling support you and then teach you the right thing when you are wrong..I can also speak a little bit German and hope you are well pleased with that too...smiles Well you sound very interesting and intelligence as well as you also sounds like every woman’s dream..

I love all what you have said about yourself and as time goes by you will tell me more, Oh yes , I have heard about your country Germany, and i think you can tell me more about your country , I learn there are many beautiful places over there . (and i think Germany us one of my dream countries...) You have a nice job and being an accountant (like controller) in a big real estate company is a very nice thing and i really appreciate what you do..But i think your work place isn t really far from you your living place. so that means you will be able to attend to work all the time.

Well i think you also know that i am a secretary for a Non Governmental Organization and I love my work a lot even thought I am being transferred to many countries most of the time.. I also love my job and its not very far from my home. but i do not work on weekends. what of you too..? let me know if it will be possible to chart more with you on messenger .and never hesitate to tell me if you have one .I am impressed to hear that you don t have interest in drinking,smoking and gambling. that s nice of you. I like to drink, but i don t take in alcohol, I do take in some fruited or energy drinks. but not always . i also don t smoke nor gamble, so you see i think we do shear a lot in common and i will like to take this opportunity to know you. And maybe we can plane to meet after knowing each other better. Im looking for a guy/gentleman that I m attracted to but who fascinates me and will encourage to bring out the best in me. But at the same time can share a laugh, not frightened to laugh at himself. Someone that wants to spend time going to a movie, coffee or maybe off to Perth to watch a show/band or just snuggle on the lounge with a DVD. You must be comfortable in your own skin and have a strong sense of self worth but at the same time not afraid to show your flaws, someone I could get to know slowly, be friends and see what happens as time goes by...Who knows

I am sorry to hear about your past relationship(s)..I have suffered a terrible experience from being with someone who did not truly love me,I felt bad and when we broke up, I feel afraid to go into any of such relationship after the humiliation I suffered from been in love. I know it was no mistake nor a crime but I am still trying to put that behind my past. I hope you understand what I mean? But i am willing that both of us will not go into this humiliations ..You can t still find the right woman within 3years is very bad ..(Have you met one already ) Living together with you in Germany wouldn t be a problem at all because i would love to know more about your country and knows how best it will suit mine. I don t have any child and i think i would love to be pregnant as you said. and am still waiting for that to happened in my heart . because it s has been a quite long time since i got myself touched by a man and made love to a But you need to know that Sex is part of a good relationship. so am not worried about having sex with my man. but i think with the right man alone..I do really enjoy all you have said, about yourself your work , what you love and what you are willing to achieve in the next future , The qualities you are looking for in the woman... Can you tell me how you are going to treat the woman of your life , its very late here so I will end it here and say goodnight with sound sleep then, I will be patiently waiting for reply .Take care and enjoy your night. Goodbye kisses and hug s.

With Much Hugs & Cheers,