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You re welcome,
Sorry for the delay respond to your mail and hope you will forgive me and that can t stop the friendship that we are about to Build. How are you doing? I hope by the Grace of God you are fine...I am Authur Abigail, 31years, 5 8 feet tall , xxx hair , brown eye , fair in complexion Erbium born build , Bust 34C ,Waist 26 ,Hips 36 and weight 125 .(I am originally from Leiden Flevoland Netherlands ,and was born in South-Africa) I work as a secretary for a Non Governmental Organization(N.G.O) named {UNICEF) who helps and supports street children and Orphanages but has now been transferred to West Africa{GHANA} to work for some time and very soon my contract will end.

I m kind, caring, funny, independent, family friendly, honest and maybe, just maybe, sometimes a wee bit too direct. Ah well, we all have our moments, right? I love to travel - be it down the block, down the road or down under the beautiful ocean.and am attracted to open and somewhat liberal minds, adventurous spirits, kind souls and warm hearts. It d be great if you re a tactile man who enjoys holding hands, long kisses, and all that cuddly kind of stuff,

I just came out from my last relationship about 3 years now and i came out with positively understanding ,but i think in a relationship both partners needs to make room for communication or create an avenue for discussing issues that affect the relationship besides always working towards making it better each and every day. Most often times, couples just forget to still do what they were doing when they first met and fell in love and as time goes on the love is pushed to the back and it becomes a matter of quarrel and misunderstandings.I know to love and be loved is a gradual step as it fundamental stage is Friendship and later on develops into an intimate relationship which needs much attention, trust and effective communication from both partners.

But to me I believe the most important spice in a relationship is (Trust,loyalty,care,communication and being able to do things together). I want someone who has a good sense of humor and a good sense of purpose and that he knows what he wants and always goes for them. I am at a time in my life when I need love because I am not getting any younger at 31years old.I want to get married and start a family so that I can be there for my unborn Kids .
I have a dream of a good future with a loving husband and a happy home with beautiful children, and i will like to be able to run a good business someday if necessary or better still be able to have my own private Shopping Mal where i will also work so that I can still continue to be able to help my future husband to take good care of our Unborn Kids ,Pay bills and other doubts .I am looking for a man(It s That You?) who will support me in all of these and who will also give me the chance to help him achieve his goals and dreams if need be. My dear i will be looking forward to the Answers or my Questions...

1.Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?

2.What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like? And What sports do you play or like?

3.If you were giving three chances ti make a choice in life what would you choose?

4.What would Ur ideal mate be like in terms of education, body type, and overall personality?

5.What was the single most significant turning point in your life?

6.What things do you feel passionate about?And do you believe in love at first sight?

7.would you ever spend fund on assisting your partner when in need or in trouble ??

8.How many children do you think a couple should have?How would you discipline your children? and Do you think couples should argue in front of their kids?

9.Are you a christian and do you attend church?

10.Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet?

Try to send me some pictures as well. love is not about age difference but the happiness, love and trust built that s my believe, so I have no objection about your age.

Thanks for your mail again,

Good Night with sweet Dreams xxx

Night has fallen down here and the moon has appeared and a nice weather here too, anyway how’s your day been? I hope you did had a good day as I did here too. Am very happy to close from work and to read this SENSIBLE and LOVING email as such from you. I Must confess, I think you have a very nice name and you look Awesome man..Ha! Ha! Ha!...and am wishing to receive more from you next time...Lol... Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well you sound very interesting and intelligence as well as you also sounds like every woman’s dream. I am a well educated woman of 31years as already you know I do work as a secretary for a Non Governmental Organization and I love my work a lot even thought I am being transferred to many countries most of the time... Well xxx i am not worried about ENGLISH...Lol... SmilesOpen-mouth smile and as times goes on we will be able to learn from each other. Well I have suffered a terrible experience from being with someone who did not truly love me,I felt bad and when we broke up, I feel afraid to go into any of such relationship after the humiliation I suffered from been in love. I know it was no mistake nor a crime but I am still trying to put that behind my past. I hope you understand what I mean?.. I think you have a nice job, it s nice to be an accountant, and so please can you tell me for how long have you been working on this? Are you planning to find a new Job? I am really glad that you don t Drink,smoke and also don t gamble. I drink but don t like to take in Alcoholic s drinks, I don t smoke . and i think i hate to gamble..

Well , xxx I m very sorry about your past, and not actually happy about what you have been trough, and hope this a good start between us, because am also in need of a real man who is very truthful , quiet, calm ,and hard working Guy, some one that i can trust and give him the key to my heart. I need a man who will treat me with all dignities as a woman take good care of me, A man who will be there for me anytime that i need him!!! ...Do you believe that YOU are that person. SMILESOpen-mouth smileOpen-mouth smileOpen-mouth smile...Ha! Ha! Ha! .
I have even advised myself not to go in to any relationship anymore till now that I have realized its very boring to be alone and am very new to this internet dating thing so I don’t know much about how it goes and as I was just trying to see if I will find any luck in getting my soul mate then just meet you.. Anyway am willing to see what ever would come out from this relationship. am new on Aff and was introduced by a friend and it s seems you have been for some long time because 3years.

Okay i do like what you have written to me and my wish is to start sometime serious and comfortable soon. maybe we can meet physical when we are perfect ...I am a down to earth woman, easy going and I am willing to start a relationship with a man who will love me 100% and I will also give him as much as i can .am also erotic and it will not going to be a problem to have sex with my serious loving MAN...I think sex is part of a good relationship.. Do you agree with me ? ...Ooh yes i think we must know more about each other before we can make a decision. so tell me are you willing to meet me on chart ..And do you have a messenger for charting. if no then i guess you need to get one so that we can be able to catch up with each other always. my dear this my phone number, +(233-36-36-214) .. try and add the plus sign in front of the number before it will work and you get access to me ... My dear one i think you can send me sms messages, and would let you know when to call. because of job don t normally get enough time for myself, but we can be able to talk on phone and hear each other voice on weekends. Will be less busy and we can talk on the phone please, hope you have understood me .

I do really enjoy all you have said, about yourself your work , what you love and what you are willing to achieve in the next future , The qualities you are looking for in the woman... Okay back to your questions:
1. How important is a girl s or guy s night out?

2.How would you feel about women who make more money than men?

3.What are your views towards handling money and also do you feel you should save everything?

4.Do you feel you should splurge a little?

5.How would you rate your ability to handle money?... and How would you handle a debt problem?

6.What would you do if your partner became disabled and couldn t work?

7.What would you do if your partner face long-term unemployment?

8.How many children do you think a couple should have?

9.Do you feel couples should have displays of affection in front of their kids?

10.What are your views on the educational system?..And How would you want your kids taught?....I will be patiently waiting for reply .Take care and enjoy your night. hope to receive a text message from you ..and hope you are going to get back to me soon.. Kisses and hugs

Hello xxx,
How was your day? I hope not too stressful, please take your time to do anything that you do each day, each time and remain focused okay?...I am very happy to read from you and my heart is filled with joy and hope that someday I will be with you in a place where we can both spend some nice and memorable time together.. I pray we will be good for each other forever without having to be separated again...Lol Open-mouth smile ..Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!. I am very sorry that you had some problems with some of my words...I apologies for that and hope you are going to let my attention on what ever you don t understand and hope i will explain to you the better..Lol ..

Thank you so much for your nice and lovely letter anyway...Lol... I think you do have a nice Job, but sometimes you thinking about the lone distance drive you feel like finding a new job, You are right, i understand how you feel, oh yes it s also the same here, well I don t normally get enough time for myself just because of my job...My dear never worry about that okay, just focus and work hard ,I think you have to work hard and earn more for yourself please!!!....( xxx, I agree that. we are now soul mates)... I will exited if you are not worried about the distance for now please forgive me i didn t intent to do this, its the Nature of my job. .Don t measure the distance; measure dear...Distance does not matter if two hearts are loyal to one another but i don t know if you know this .Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be, and i hope you do understand me and everything is clear to you now. SMILES..Lol HA! Ha! Ha! Ha!.. Wow you are a very nice and calm man .and its really nice to help people around you , when they are in need. that is nice of you my dear and i think there s more blessing in Given than Receiving hope you know of this...I like to give out things to others that do not have. It s nice to help one another. Well my job is to help Street children and Orphanage homes. people that don t have. Okay then are you a christian? ...And do you attend to church? ....Lol.... I am a good christian and was born into a good christian . i do attend to church every Sunday and i think that has been part of my life...

Love has its way and new life has begun. contrary to what the cynics say, distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don t see it nearly enough If someone truly loves you, distance is not a problem.. It s just the power of making love grow each day. I think at this point i will be looking forward to get to know you better, because i am beginning to like you. anyway you look Awesome man.... Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Open-mouth smile... am a very loving and romantic woman with good dignities as well. But am ready to love ,settle down with my Mr. right and the make some family with him in anytime we meet and can that be YOU?.. I have been waiting just to receive text messages from you because am sure you got my number right.. Ha! Ha! Ha! Open-mouth smile

Well you said your wife in future will get help in each time and case. And what happens i am that woman?...Lol... And are you going to help in each time in case?... and it;s been a very long while a man touched me kissed me and had sex with me ... well this a new beginning to a new relationship and hope i will like to do all those stuffs... I would like to have a good sex with man and then feel that well. I think its part of a good relationship.. and its just because that i want to be drove crazy..Lol Ha Ha! Ha!...Open-mouth smile

Back to your answers:

9. Do you feel couples should have displays of affection in front of their kids? My dear... I think i will try and explain it clear to you at this time, well do you think or feel that couples should have displays or make serious love in front of their Kids..

Thank you so much my dear and i think i have understood you well and would like to hear from you soon. greetings to all friends and family.. take care of yourself and have a nice time. Goodbye ...Kisses

Hello xxx,

Thank you so much for such a sensible and warm-heated email. I am well pleased with it and would like to take this opportunity to talk more and the also know more about please..How are you doing today? I am doing good this day and hope life is treating you good also over there...SMILES...Ha! Ha! Ha!..Lol And i kindly hope that you will tell me more as well...Lol SMILES.... I m really exited to meet you and guess what would it be possible to meet on MSN Chart so that we talk more ... But don t forget to send me more photo s because i will be looking forward to see them. anyway I am also at work and will get back home soon. anyway will try and catch up with you on chart soon. till then. take care and have a nice time over there my dearest xxx... Bye bye...Lol

Kisses and Hug s,

Hello xxx,

How are you doing today Darling..? I hope by the grace of God, life is treating you good over there...I am fine anyway and it s really nice to read from you this Evening xxx...Lol..Smiles...Ha! Ha! Ha!.. I think you are a busy man, But never mind i feel that we can build something new and comfortable this time smiles...Lol My garden can i join both you and your friends. and also join you to visit your mother..Ha! Ha! Ha and i think i am sounding funny at this point..

My dear don t get upset okay, am not disappointed nor angry with you , it s just that i wanted to meet you on chart and then talk more as well, But since you don t have one . i think we can email each other .. Oh yes i feel in within me that You are the right man for me .. so am trying to spend some time with you just to study and then know you better...Lol

You have my number and i think we also start text message okay?... Well i think i would like to talk more with you . so please hope to receive your number in your reply please. Okay this mine +(233-203-636-214).. You can start trying please. i hope to hear from you soon take care my dear and have a nice time . good with sweet dreams to you .. Bye

Kisses And Hugs,

Dear xxx,

How are you doing today?.. I do hope all is well with you over there as with me down here. Lol..Smiles. It s really great to hear from you and my heart is filled with joy because this relationship we are building is real and getting better all the time .Lol. Ha! Ha! Ha!.. I am exited to meet you and i think you are the kind of man am ready to spend some time with. I am very very serious about what i have said , my dear and i would like to know how you so feel also .okay my dear tell me your mind . because i can;t stand this for now.. we just met and i think it seems that i have known you for years...Lol

I hope your work is going well with you and your family and friends are also doing good by the grace of almighty GOD.. My dear i think this the right time for use because my contract has ended . so we can meet and then have fun together .. What do you think of meeting me ?..Lol

Anyway my dear i think i need to clear some one ot two stuffs before i live.. and would love to hear from you soon please...Lol and you still do have my number don t forget. take care of yourself for me and stay blessed.. Thousands of Kisses all around you .. Lol