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Good morning once again and this is Linda.Yes i do thank you for your message and your time.I thank you for your address also and i hope my messages finds you in a great joy as yours find me in a great joy also.Yes i did winked at you due to the interest i found in you and i decided to alert you and find out what you think about a life with such a respectful,caring,open minded,loyal,passionate and honest single girl for the share of happiness in life.I send you plenty of kisses and i am hoping to read back from you soon.Linda
Good morning my dear xxx and thanks alot for your message back to me and your time today also.Yes,i feel the emotions in your message to me and my heart beats so fast whiles i read your message.I thank you for that and sure,i think it will be much happier we knowing more about each other and seeing how best we can build on a solid and joyous life,i think is no problem with your English,all is perfect as i shall put it.Yes to know something about my also.My full name is Linda Adjei but am called Sasha at home.I am the last born of my late parents.We are three in all.I lost my parents when i was in the college and i was taking care of by the eldest sister who is a mid-wife in a government hospital in here.My middle sister is also working as a nurse in a different hospital and they all seem to be making a good life.Yes i will say i come from a good family with respectful and education people.I also dont smoke,drink or use drugs.I dont gamble and seem to be very respectful,caring,bedient,loyal and honest.I am working as a hotel receptionist in an individual hotel,although is not really good enough but at least,is keeping my time for me and making me way for a better life.I have also never married before,and i have no child.This is the time i have set my self aside to seek for a soul man,whom i can love,share the happiness in life with,obey him as my man,respect him as my controller and satisfy all his needs from a lady.I am very entertaining,i love singing,listerning to music,dancing,reading,cooking and watching movies.I like sports also very much and exercising.I am very active,smart,hardworking,sensitive and sensational.Yes you did talk about sex,i do agree with you and i understand your side.I will tell you from now that,we seem to be on the same page.I am very strong sexually and i enjoy all the exploratation of sex.Sex is also some entertainment of bed in true love relationship and lovers can not do anything without it.And i shall please you sexually,sensationally and be there for you anytime you want,is not a long time i came on this website,and my whole aim on here is to get my soul man,be with him,share the happiness in life with,explore the joys in life and change the sadness to happiness.I have always trusted my destiny,and i think the best thing we can do is to figure out knowning more about each other,the likes and dislikes of each other and how best we can be together as lovers.I am not going to be in your life for material things,like luxuries or whatever,but a true love,which has no end,a love which shall be unaffected no matter the time and,i want a life with you,i am now looking at your pictures and you are splendid.You look at smart and lovely.I wish a time where we are living together making each other happy and changing the sorrow to smile and smile to laughter.I do kiss you,i want to know,is there a time we can meet online and chat?Maybe in that case,we can ask ourselves questions and answer them straight away.I am ending here with galore of my kisses and read back from you soon.Lovely Linda