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Hello Hein

How are you? Thanks for the chance which you give me to write you directly to your email and thanks for the wonderful opportunity wanting to know about me I am Blessing Barry I am from Gambia but live right now in Dakar Senegal because of my work; i am Hair Dresser. Am 31 years old, am understanding and honest sincere person, I enjoy ,listening to music,reading,beach,walk,swimming,sunset,and other things, I love nature, sometime I enjoy movies, I join this site three days ago, is my friend who introduce me here and she get married too on this site. I am here to look for my soul mate with honest and passion heart NO GAME please. I want you to know that in life we need someone and someone need us that is part of knowing each other i am very real and honest person who want to be always honest to people age color where you are does not matter. but determination of what you want is the goal of you sucess.

I respect everyone for who they are and how they will like to be treated in a similar way myself. I love to find a friend someone that is honest not hust a friend that will stand doing good time but a friend that will stand during bad and good time that is what is called real friend i know some of us might has been hurt on or two ways but that is not the end of the world the ability to be honest and the goal of our sucess in relation and in every life that is up and down i am looking for someone whom i can stand with during bad and good time someone whom i can be there for and the person can be there for me Someone who makes me smile every minute, there in my thoughts even if they are not in my sight. Someone who wants to smile every day a. A person who I can connect with emotionally and spiritually.

Please send me more of your picture and let me know more about your self and what you are looking for... I will be waiting for your mail and to be honest with you I really want to get to know you and see your picture know about you what you want and what you like. In my next mail I will tell you why I left Gambia to Dakar and more about my family. I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Blessing Barry
Hello Hein

How are you? Thanks a lot for the mail which you have send me what I want to say or write you. it my happiness to see that you have write me back and to be honest with you. I am loving honest and caring lady who want happiness and love in life. As I have told you before. My name is Blessing Barry am from Gambia i left my home country to Dakar because of my work and my recent heart break. i did not care if you are rich or poor or where you work matters to me what matter to me is just honesty and real love

the main reason of writing this mail back to you is to thank you for the way you write me and the honest part of the mail which you have shown me. as i have told you before i am looking for honest and faithful man who is caring and honest the man may not be rich but i want to spend the rest of my life with a man that will understand my feeling for whom i am a very caring lady and submissive ready to relocate to meet my heart desire.

I want you to understand that i am looking for love in a honest man and a caring man a man that we can both trust in each other age does not matter to me but what our heart created together that is very important. I know distance is other thing we talk about but with closeness of our heart we can be together soon it depend on what you want but i want you to know that the best thing that ever happen to me is for me to write you and i am happy for that. I like to get to know you better

But to let you know what am looking for in life is a serious relationship that can lead me to better way in life and make my family happy when i get married. I am a serious lady and i am ready for marriage I am looking for a passionate and caring man that i will love and care with all my life. I want a man with one woman heart and i am a one man heart i will be glad to tell you that if it is you i will be much happy to have a good time with you. I am a hair dresser, i can cut man hair as well and i like talking to my customer i am very honest person

You may be surprise why am telling you all this, Am such a happy lady before in some years ago before i lost my father and recently i have a break of heart from the man i love before .

My experience, some years ago i lost my father and recently i have a heart break from my first boyfriend. Their is a man who proposed to marry me in 6 years ago which my father like a lot. It happen that after my father death and me and these my first boyfriend we are still together and on January 14 2008 which suppose to be my engagement day with him. suddenly i went to his house to meet him with some discussion on getting there i meet my friend on his bed in a emotional way. with the shock i have to ask him what is my friend doing there what he have to say is that I SHOULD GET OUT OF HIS ROOM. He beat me and i went that shock really break my heart i have to leave Gambia and come to Senegal.

This have been about part of my life that have been unhappy mind for me both praying to God to meet a man that can make me happy again. I respect a man i any relationship in life because that is the way my parent both taught me, never to lie to a man or make fun of their feeling. I believe man his end of the family and they deserve respect from we woman. I love a caring understanding man who gives a lot attention and tells me a word of love. .

Please I will like to know more about you and to see more of your picture. I will be waiting for your mail soon and with happy and loving reply. Please send me your phone number so we can hear each other voice i am real and honest person. please i want you to understand i left my past behind me and i seek for a new life which i think you too seek i want a man with honest heart a man who can stand by me. please i will liek us to comunicate better with phone and email i am real and i need real love and i hope it will be you.

Blessing Barry
honey i did not know what is all this but can we pleease chat on yahoo so we see each otther ii am honest lady i did not know why this eemail happen like this