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Hello there,

How are you doing today? Hope you are fine. I will thank you once again for your mail. I really don t know how to start it from. But i will like to tell you more about me.

My name is Charlotte. My dad is from Austria and my mum is from Ghana. Am also looking for a man who is caring, humble, kind, honest, trustworthy and very faithful to be with and spend the rest of my life time with him. Someone who have a good sense of humor, like to laugh and spending time together. Someone i can share everything i have in my life with him and live happily in life as well. Someone i can spend good and bad times with him. my favorite color is blue

I also like reading a lot, swimming, watching movies, going for a walk, playing tennis, making garden, walking at the beach to see the sunset, listening to music and also learning new things. Please i hope we can schedule our time well and meet online to have a chat together to know more about you too. Will like to end it here and looking forward to hear from you soon. Take care.

Best Regards

Hello again and thanks very much for your email and also how long have you been on this site and also what type of woman are you looking for? Have you also talk with many woman on this site?

I am single and never married,and i am a student of MID WIFE ASSOCIATION OF GHANA,and that is a nursing school ,and i have left with 1weeks more to graduate and as soon as i graduate from school ,i want to meet the man of my dream and the man of my heart who is honest and lovely and who is kind and will never break my heart and that is the man i am looking for in my heart to live with and also ,normally ,many people are not here for love ,but they are here to cheat and to kill and to break the heart and as i am telling u now ,i am looking for honest man who understand everything and who loves and who can shows me his real love and also ,who is very serious to meet his lady and who is not here to play games ,then i will promise him to give me my love and i will accepted him as my man and i will make him happy and know how much i love him from my heart ,coz as i am here ,i am looking for truly love and that is why i am in here .

With this i hope to hear back from you soon

Hello Hein,

Thanks very much for your email and also how are you doing today? Again all that i want in life is for someone good and nice that i can love and be with also someone that i can share my mind and life with and also be happy with.

Well yes i can join you in Germany on one thing .... And that is if you are one woman man and you talk with only woman and also you do thing in your way Okay.

All i need is to be with someone nice and love .... But now it only time that will tell and you can just get up and tell me that you want me to join you there but we have to know each other first and also see well that we are going to be happy if we meet.

Relocate is cool with me but only to the right person not just anyone .....

Hope with this i will hear from you soon.