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Tha nks for your message, i really wanna know u so we can get to know each other well before falling in to a relationship, and also u from germany and am from USA.
Hello xxx,

How are you doing today? how have you been and what have you realy been up to? i am realy happy i got an email from you and you are realy interested in getting to know more about my kind of person.I am realy new to this online dating stuf and i havent met anyone yet through online dating personals but i am willing to get to know someone and get to understand his motives and intensions towards me.I believe once i am been sincere and honest about my kind of person and i am able to help you understand who i really am i think you will be more comfortable getting to know more about me.

I would like to tell you more about me and i will make this email open and honest just to help you understand more of my kind of person.My name is Susan brown,i am 26 years of age born on August 6 1983 .I am the only child of my parents,i am also single,never been married and i have no kids yet but i am willing to have one with someone who is ready for a long term relationship.My dad is from Liberia.(Half American/Half Liberian) and my mom is from spain.My dad is a contractor while my mom is a Teacher.My dad and mom got to meet in London and thats were i was born.I grew up with Both dad and mom but when i was at the age of 7 mom and dad had misunderstanding so dad had to leave me and mom in London.I grew up with Mom in London but when mom saw that this stress is realy getting to much for her she had to travel me down to the states to meet her aunt.Then i was 8 years of age.My moms aunt name is Elizabeth.Mom had to explain everything that went wrong btw her and my dad and she said she doesnt know were he is right now.So thats why she had to come down to the states .so mom stayed for like 2 months with her aunt but she later had to leave to London the following month.I realy missed my mom but she wrote me letters and she calls too as well untill when i was 11 then i didnt hear from her again.I was kind of worried but to my surprising my aunt had to tell me she committed sucide so the pains of loosing a mom has been in me every since.

I grew up with my moms aunt,she took me as her daugther and i was realy happy she loved me with all heart.I decided to take my faith and believe shes the only person i have Around me and shes my only family i gat.But she didnt stay with me for Long.She died on heart attack when i was 17 years of age.So since then i have had a life of my own doing the things i know how to do best.I believed in my self and i stayed faithfull to myself and i believed in christ.I am realy a devoted christain and i believe so much in Christ.God has realy been my father and my mother and he has also been my provided in all that i needed.

I have a degree in Accounting and right now i am on a programm in West Africa but Nigeria precisely.Working for a reputable Firm there.But all is based on my interest and i am also working on been a designer as well.I was sent down here by a company in the states.So once i am through here in West Africa i will be heading down to London to sign off my contract then back to the states,I grew up in San jose,CA,But i just search for(Dc) to be my match mate. I Lived in Iowa des moines city but i realy didnt have much friends around that area because i am always out of the country for one or 2 jobs.I have been to Spain,France and also wasnt fun travelling anyway but i just dont have any choice left than to do wat i needed to do.This is my 4th week in West Africa and i have only some more weeks left then i head striaght down to London then back to states.The i will be settling down to meet my Mr right and get to spend some time with him.I dont know him yet but i know i will be meeting him someday soon.

I hope i havent bored you with my life story and experience anyway.I just want to let you know more about my past and present and i am willing to get to know more about your kind of person too as well.I believe u will be happy as well to be totaly open and tell me more about you and ur personalities.I hope to hear from you soon so i can tell you more of wat i am realy interested in and wat i do in my liesure time.
Take good care of yourself and say hi to everyone overthere for me.

Bye for now

Susan brown