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Hi..Thank you for sending this mail..I will be waiting for ur in formation a bout you my beautiful,and if u have some pics of you it will be great..Thanks for write me ...bye.xoxoxo
Hello sweet friend how are u today...I would like to thank u for Ur e-mail.. I wanted to drop this brief note to you and I do hope that this mail of friendship introduction finds you and all around you in the most Convenient state of health and happiness… What I am looking for is sweet and honest friend and no more than that, and NO Serious relation ship, and I am NOT looking for second half…only friendship. Will from my sight I would like to have u as a good friends to communicate with each other..a bout my self let see, I am tall white skin with green and blue eyes, I am 47y/o..I work with company as privet pilot for jet air craft..I like all kind of sports. I love go for shopping..Walking by the beach especially at sunset time hanging out with friends…and having a good time with them…I study my engineering in .. USA..I been to Paris, London, Spain, Italy, Geneva, and most of Arabian countries..and most of the state in USA…In last I
will wait for Ur e-mail. My name is.. “Ahmed “…And I live in Saudi Arabia, send me some pics of u if u can and ur phone number so I can call u some times and thanks a lot..bye …. I wish u Happiness for each day in ur life, and my MSN is ( tiger.20072008),bye for now my sweet friend, and I will be waiting for ur mail,,xoxo,,xoxo,,xoxo
P.S. You are very beautiful woman, and I LOVE beautiful woman just like u r, so can we just be a friends...