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Hello xxx,

I m glad to know you.
I live in Belarus. I m 29 and i m single parient.
I have a daughter, she is 6.
I m a lawyer.
If i interesting for you we may continue.
I attached some my photos.
Looking forword to hear from you,
Hello xxx,

Nicely to hear again from you and i m glad that i m interesting for you.
Thank you for the photos. You look great.
It was so interesting to read about you and your daughters. You are proud of them.
I tell something about me.
I try to find serious relationship and don t want play games and wast time.
You may see that i have small daughter and i would like to have a nice partner.
I don t try to find man with him i can live, but i try to find man without him i CAN T live.
I said you that i m a lawyer. I work in a stute-run enterprice which produces, transports, destributes electricity and heat energy. It s a big company which account 8000 people. I like my job ( i send one photo from jpb).
Another mean part of my life it s my daughter. She went at 1th form at school.
I help her with lessons and learn with her reading and study English. We also go to the swimming pool three times a week. Kate (daughter) is a good swimmer.
I go to the belly dance class. I like cooking and eat new different dishes. So i like inviting my friends with children at the weekends at my home and testing new dishes. Also we with friends and children at the weekends go to the sauna.
At my free time i like see movies( comedy, drama...).
And now i m stopping tell you about me.
It will be nice to continue our communication...
Looking forword to hear from you soon.
Best wishes.
Hello xxx,

Nicely to hear again from you.
You had wounderfull time with daughter. Our children is our part of us and we are very happy to be
near with them. Hamburg is nice city. My friend was there and told me about it. There live many russian and belarussian emigrants.
My doing is good. I had business trip for few days in Bobruisk. It s not big city near with my native city.
I took part in sitting of the court by difficault legal case. Judge accepted our arguments and i hope after time we will have good result.
I have cold but i need went to job last day. Now is starting weekend and i may enjoy this time.
I wish nice weekend too.
Hope to hear you soon.