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Hello Dear, my name is Mina White. I m a 31years old (birthday is 10Aug 1978), single, no kids, 5-6 ft tall, 128 lbs. My father is from Uinted Kingdom and I was 12 years when he died and my mother who is from South African met my father in a town called cape town where i was born and later brought to the Uinted Kingdom that is where i am at the moment .. . I just completed my cloth designing school but have not got job in that firm yet so i help my mom with hair dressing work here. I like exercising and some sort of jogging, 2-3 days a week and eating healthy, I have several hobbies and wish I could find more time to pursue those ,such as swimming, computing, dancing and reading etc. I am fairly easy-going woman and i don t think that I m too critical about things but i also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work. I’m not one who cheats in relationship. One man is enough trouble for I also want to be in a relationship where i can totally be trusted, i expect my man to be honest to me because i believe there is give and take in a relationship. It’s more convenient for me to do laundry, cooking, cleaning up etc. I consider myself to be a fairly honest, truthful person and expect the same in return.. I m not wealthy and don t expect someone to attempt to deceive me or play me. Everybody makes mistakes and i usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but if the same pattern keeps emerging it s over then i get upset, I’m being up front and honest about that so you know where i stand from the beginning. With all due respect as well, I hope that you are up front and going to be honest. Well i guess i have said enough about my self. Take care and write back as soon as you get this message because i will keep checking my mail until i read another letter from you ..

Take care and stay bless..

Hi xxx,
Its is an enormous pleasure meeting you.Thanks for your e-mail and hope you had a wonderful weekend...I kind of write so much because i believe that will enable us to communication well.. I must thank you for taking the time to send me such a wonderful, candid and heartfelt email... I read it and felt immediately that we do share a lot of the same values...You seem a very positive and determined gentleman...I like your passion for life and your commitment to find the woman of your dream....I am thinking your job gives you an opportunity to travel which will surely enrich your life and allow you to be open and receptive to different cultures and beliefs....I to like to travel, indeed i have been on vacation to some other places in the world..This early experience of a world and culture so very different made me forever intrigued by the diversity of cultures far and wide...I will pardon you for your english...As a matter of fact I am not concern about it at all,my only concern and focus is to know you and see where fate leads us...
My name is Mina White,born and bred in South-Africa but presently reside in Uk..I am the only child on my parents,a mixed race to say..My dad a British and mum an African..I decided i needed to change my world and create a new challenge for myself. As a fashion designer i secured a very good position...I love my job, it is very rewarding and i am well thought of by my employers... I have a very caring attitude and the warmth and empathy i have towards my clients is often commented upon...My job grants me the honor to socialize with people...I tend to learn about from my colleagues at work...i love to cook so there isn t any day you wouldn t find food in my kitchen...I am a big animal lover.. I would love to have a cat in my world but my work commitments do not allow for this...I look forward to a time when i maybe able to achieve this ...I enjoy simple pleasures, walks in the country or within the great parks... I love the theatre and cinema... I enjoy wining and dining although not much of a drinker, a bottle of red shared is about my limit..I do not smoke,nor have i ever...Love to travel and enjoy history...I love to visit historical sites, both in UK and abroad...I tend to like to explore an area as opposed to lying by a pool...Having said that i do enjoy being by the sea and can really enjoy the sand and the surf, love snorkelling but never had the nerve to scuba dive but never say never!I also prefer meeting friends at small cozy coffee shops on Weekends for discussions..I also enjoy being on the Oceans.Its a wonderful gift of nature.. I am an avid reader, always have a book by my bedside.I see myself as a very optimistic person...I am very romantic and would love to be in a loving, trusting, fulfilling relationship..I dream of being that special someone and to be able to share all that being a couple brings...I am very open and do wear my heart on my sleeve...I believe in complete reciprocity within a loving relationship...I am very tactile and passionate...A sucker of romance i would rather say!! When i fall in love i give 100 per cent and desire the same...
We seem to have had a similar past..I have had my experience on men but i believe there is still a good man out there for me...Though my past relationship haven t been successful,i have no regrets at all because with every good or bad experience you encounter in life,it makes you a strong woman and i wouldn t settle down for anything lesser than i deserve..For me I never had fate in this online dating until a friend of mine introduced me in, she is now happily married and I remember what she used to tell me Hard times and trials are like road bumps but that shouldn t slow you down I believe in Patience and Time and knows oneday I will meet the man of my life....
I am not just looking for any man,I seek a man who is Caring,Loving,Faithful,Supportive,A good listener and will be honest with me.I believe in getting to know "THE REAL DEAL" and It is not just through words, but it is within the action of a person that shows who they are.Sometimes our curiousity can get the best of us,but we should always use our 5 senses...I believe that every relationship should have its natural creation and not rushed and so both can be in the same wavelenght and eventually connect in the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual realms..I want us to develop TRUST for one another since a relationship without trust can never work...There is one thing about connection and Chemistry, it just has to be there...BUT, i also learned that" LOVE DOES NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT."Men that are intelligent should know this!"I truly believe most relationships are successful when it is built with a good Foundation of Friendship that requires us to go deeper than the thrill of infatuation beyond the rush of Chemistry..... I ll choose a partner exactly as he is, not based on something changeable or Transitory- Looks,Job,Money,etc.He should be kind,fun loving,open minded,respectful..A strong man who isn t afraid to show his weakness and a man that knows..
I am looking forward to further communication from yourself and am happy to continue to discover more about your good self and to share more of myself... I do agree that cementing a good friendship is a good foundation...
Hope to hear from you when time permits...Take care for now..

Hello Dear, How are you doing i hope you are doing good, how is work and life treating you too. I have not heard from you the hole of today and i am checking on you to see how you are doing, i have really miss you and i can t wait to see you. i hope to hear from you soon.