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hello my dear love I am konama form aff site, ,am 28years of age, am single, caring, lovely, friendly, faithfully, honest, understanding young lady from Ghana hope you will love that.I,m the type of woman that have been locked up with the golden key of love,but due to nature this heart of my is now open and its looking up for the right man to have that golden keys and share love and mind for better future,am here to meet a serious man who want meet a woman as his wife soon here in Ghana am serious to meet that man soon. i promise to show him better love and take good care of him soon. i have my photos too feel free to ask me anything u want to know about me ok. i love you and am not after jokes or games am very serious and i promise to do anything with you when we meet ok, i care about now i wish u are here now with me making love with me as well, i need u .. Dear,the keys are with me,if you are interested to have that keys to my heart and soul you are welcome.but i will only present the golden keys to you only in this conditions, A caring man who is very understandably,the man who can make me feel like a woman. but let be make one thing clear to you,i,m not expensive us you see me,i,m very simple,caring,loving,and very sexy when it comes to the arrive of the promise land and a man who will give me the necessary love and everlasting love.hope to here from you me if that is ok with you.

Yours lovely,konama
Hello my love and thank you very much for reading your mail at this time of day,i was honey and happy reading your mail,anyway how are you doing and i hope you are doing great there.
Thank you very much for your pictures and you are a nice man,i read carefully your mail and i understood all what you have write to me and this show to me that you are real and serious of what you are doing and what you are looking for,so do i,i am real and serious of looking for my man who will marry me but not here to have fun or something different and i hope we have something in common,i am single lady here as i do inform you the earlier time and want a man who will marry me for longer time and also want children for my man if he want.
i am ready to meet my man in real because relationship without meeting is like a country without a president,i am ready to meet you for real so you can now decide your self either you will visit me here first or what to do,but what i want now is to meet my man for real and i hope that is what you are looking for too
i will be very much happy if we can chart and see me in cam,
You talk about man is not going to have problem about sex when i do meet you because i do love sex much and i do make my man happy in bed all the time,so you are going to own my body,heart and soul and you will do anything you like to me,i am ready for you.i will see to it that my man will be satisfy all the time..
i am ready to be with you and build up a new family with you when i get to you.please i want ask you this question? have you ever meet a woman from Ghana who is real??? have you ever seen any of them is cam before??am ready to show you web-cam if u wish to meet me for sure honey,i will love you xxx forever ok please will marry me as your wife??? and what do u want me to with you when we meet for sure??? am serious not in games ok i promise to make you happy, can you send me your cell phone number,when i miss you then i can send you sms text ok.,,I am thinking about you. We are so close here ... it s not like I am feeling that you are far - it s just that I want to let you know again HOW MUCH I am in love with you. I will love you forever and for always, Baby. You are a man every girl is dreaming about and that`s not all ... you are all mine. I don`t know what I did good in this life to deserve you, but I have must been doing something very good in my life! Being with you makes me feel like the entire world is mine. One day we will marry and have a soccer team of kids ... I am dreaming about that. I love you, Baby, and I am yours forever!!

Your baby,KONAMA
You are my one true love, the one who fills up my life with passion. Baby I love you so much. I thank the Lord for sending you to my life, you are the biggest blessing. The day I saw you I knew in my heart you were the one for me. You are my brightest light, the one who makes my life full of beautiful things each day. The footprints of an angel are love, and where there is love, miraculous things can happen. Our son is a miracle of God; he is our little piece of heaven. Honey, my love for you is higher than the sky above, deeper than the deepest sea and lasts through all eternity - it has no limitations.your woman for real.konama for you,