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Good evening
how are you doing and how was your day going today?i hope that you have a lovely working day,i was very happy to have your contact because i hope that these we make us to know more and each other better and that is why i decided to send you an email and telling you more about myself with my photos,before i will start to be telling you about myself.i so much believe in sincerity,honest,faithfulness and being trustworthy because these are the foundation of a solid relationship,what i am looking for is true and real love.thanks you a lot for your photos you really look handsome,Love does not measure by the age.races and the distance what is important is true and real love from the heart
i was born in on 6th of may 1977,i am single with no kid,i have never marry,i just have a relationship that got broken in January 2009 because my ex boy friend did not have to change his bad behavior and since then i have remain single and try to work hard for my future,but presently i just think i need to get settle down with the right man so that we can be able to have a happy family together with each other,i have a mother and an aunty that we are living together here in united kingdom,central London,i am a part time school teacher since last year that i have lost my job due to the global and world economy problem that affect Uk generally,i was born and raised in united state new jersey so i am a citizen of united state,i will be very happy if you can send me an email and tell me more and better about yourself and see if we are looking for the same thing and see if we can have a good relationship together with each other,i wait to read from you and tell me more about yourself as well with some photos
have a lovely day
Good morning
how are you doing and how was your night?did you have a lovely night?i just wake up this morning and i decided to send you another email telling you more about myself further,thank you for your email and for tell me more about yourself,I believe age,distance and races is not a problem in a relationship ,what is most important is true and real love from the heart .Well, i believe age is a number which should not a factor to be consider in a relationship,what is important is true and real love .Do you agree with me ? What is your height and weight ? I am 5ft 4" tall ,i weigh 66kg .What actually do you want in a relationship ? Do you think a relationship can work out between us due to the distance ? what is your favorite color, Sky blue is my favorite color, Do you live alone ? What are your favorite activities ,Your Favorite Music , What do you do for fun ? Do you smoke and drink alcohol ? I do not do such

From my past relationship ,i have learn to be careful , think twice before getting into a relationship . I believe someone must have to study a man physical manner and approaches before getting into deep relationship with him .I want someone caring , honest and lovely to share life with me .I like playing basketball,volleyball lawn tennis, cooking ,reading novel, dancing and writing poem,i love watching tv and films whenever i am free .I need a very serious relationship because there are lots of men out here for games .I pray i do not fall into their hands .I want to know your mind .I believe honesty,faithfulness and open minded are the foundation for a good relationship .I want you to read my message careful so that you can understand how i feel and what i mean,i did not want to get hurt again and that is why i am trying to be careful and to know better about you very well .Feel free to ask anything you want to know about me .I am a simple and very open minded lady . Do not be scared that i will get upset if you ask any question .I will appreciate your questions and answer it in a well understanding way .I look forward to your reply . i will be very happy if you can send me more photos,Have a lovely weekend