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how are you?thank for yout mail comtact, hope l gor yout mail contact right?tell me more about you amd send your pix see you
hello xxx
how are you thank for your reply,and for telling more about you and thing consign you but it it take good man to tell a lady all about you,My name is Maria Julia, was born in Mexico City 29th April 1982, I lost both parents when she was five years and Mexico s economy could not afford the life of any family that adopted me, so I live by faith for the orphanage home again, living life in the Home for Children Jeruel is located in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, my education was the sponsor and all life was about my partner at home mom, I began to live just after graduating from college, I stayed there for 18 years of age When I was 18 and I decided to make a life for me U.S. l move to start a new life. I worked with a business model when he was 19 years just to earn a living, but by the time I was falling in love i model with one of the guys in the business model and begin a relationship, but over the line We have done all and operate the same account, but unknown to me I only had enthusiasm for me and the love. The two decided to leave the modeling work and make a life together. We have invested in a store that relate to the export of electronic products are home, but 11 months ago after a business trip to my boyfriend called me and said he could not continue the relationship and that he had met another woman which I think he loved. The lady you just want to kill my best friend. Well, I think I have only now have begun to pick up my shaft and I am currently doing my life. Can you tell me the place little about your life too. Growing up as an orphanage, I have too expensive s many challenges and discrimination in society and in life but has made me so strong and I think I have to make every effort to do a concert and be something in the future.
I am kind, loving and kind. I love people who are true to themselves, do not follow the path of least resistance. I love children, I love reading, I love going to sea, they really do not see it until I was 16 when I was able to take a policy decision from the parents of my house and I ve loved ever since I for the first time. I like all kinds of food and music. I love being around teenagers and children.i still can learn about me when we go beyond this communication aunt all about me and me are more about you too and send me smallpox and
l hope to read you soon