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Hello Dear xxx, how are you doing today hope you fine and cool for me over there, well i just read your email to me and i really wanna know all more about you, and here is all a little more about me i live all my life In 918 W. Garrison St Carthage City Texas 75633,and Clear water Florida and also base in California Bakersfield track-side, i live there for at-least 19 yrs Shuttle all around, and i have Relocated to United Kingdom for my Dad s Inheritance Company and all the Properties here In United Kingdom, that s when my Father died In a Gun shot till death on the High Way Road Yorkshire City United Kingdom, just back from Texas 6days ago to the England here west Yorkshire where i do write to you now

Well i haven t work for good 4years back now, i live on my dad inheritance stuff, since then, 5 years ago i got some money from my dad company what of $450,000 then, i resettle down very well in Texas, later i was in a serious relationship with someone from Houston Texas,,, Graig Reichert, His name,,,, but he got me ripped off embezzle my cash, i bought a house in Arlington Texas, but i do sell it back in year 2008 July 8th its a long stories ,
i have learned many things about this life thou i came from healthy and wealthy family s i live a good standard life high class but all that is vanity then in the past, and my father left me so many things like properties 4 set of buildings in Yorkshire city and Leeds, Plymouth city key-ham also, right now i do have a court case on the properties with the head of the family in England, and both the company account with HIB BANK in London,

hm Look this i am writing to you right now is my privacy life which i don t like to discussed this with anybody that can not help me or be good friends adviser to me in a good way, because i have give my heart away to someone before and he got me ripped off, which i learn so much lesson about this in life, because life is a misery i learned so much things in life , so i do not want any men that will not give me his heart and soul, i do normally fall in love with someone but this time around i will make sure i do go to the right way i pray it from God Almighty,

Cell ; Uk +44 704-574-7033
Cell.Usa; +1 661-474-1893