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Thanks alot for your message,on
My name is Makinde Olaniyi and am 26 years old from Lagos Nigeria, I m
glad to hear from you and to know that you are interested in me.
I am also honest and sincere,very hardworking and helpfull, faithfull,
never violent and romantic. In my freetime i love to write poems, swim,
I love to play with the kids, I love to cook and clean the house. i
don t like violent peoples and racists,drunken ones or these who take
drugs,lazy peoples,these who judge others maybe because of their
outlook or of what they have instead of what they are,i hate
materialistic peoples,i do not like person who wanna live on other ones
I m single and i have no kids, My parent died some years ago
and now i do live with my aunt and I have no job i do assist my aunt
with her shop so that she can feed and take care of me.I don t drink
and i don t smoke. i like to hold hands when we are walking outside.i
also love to cuddle and kiss... I am looking for a nice Man, honest and
faithful, real good lover with high
sex drive, caring and lovely for to get knowing, come together and hopefuly
get marriage. I will love to relocate to my lucky man and i am ready to
relocate to you if you want me to .
please feel free to ask me anything you want to ask me and i will love to
provide you with detailed response. The kind of
am looking for should be very well responsible, honest, caring,
lovely, open-minded and i dont mind if he has any kids or not, and i
promise to take care of him with everything i have in all aspect and
also make him happy till the rest of his life if he can, in return give
me his love. If you are really serious and interested in me, i will
like to read from you again, soon, because there s to be NO MORE GAMES
in my life. I will be hoping to read from you soon. Please mail me
with your pics so that i know how you look. I also hope that we can
get to make a long, sweet relationship, because you look nice and sweet.
I will be looking forward to reading from you soon.
Till then, take care of you. regards,
Hello xxx,
thanks for the message and pctures
Its my very good pleasure to know you and to also know quite so much about you from the little you have said about yourself, and i am very pleased also to know that you think this wonderful things about me. And i will like to know much more about you. I will like to ask u some questions below, and i hope to get your true honesty in the answers :

1..what do u like in a lady ?

2..are u a player or for real?

3..are u single or divorced? u have kids ?

5..what you do for a living?

6..tell me more about urself ?

7..what u do for a fun and in your free time?

8.. Whats your bad experience in meeting a lady on the
Internet.if yu will like to call me on my cell phone so we can get to know more about each other +2348058551529
i will like to have yur number also and please call soon
Hope to hear back from you soonest.
Thanks alot for your message and phone numbers ,
i will like you to please give me a call so we can get to know more about each other .
here is my number again .
i will be waiting for your calls.
Hello ingo ,
what is wrong still no message from you and i am worried . please get back to me as soon as possible .
Hello xxx ,
i tried callng all the numbers you gave me but only your office number when thru and i tried asking after you but cant understand the message i hear . please call me on my phone