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Hi Dear,

how are you today I hope that every thing is ok with you as it is my
great pleasure to communicate with you. Thank you so much for giving
me your address, now I feel more private with you and I feel your
trust more. I wish we can get to know each other better and see what
happened in future. I think that writing letters thought e-mail is
easiest communication and better way to know all about each other, and
also give you my pictures and details about me. Remember that age,
distance or color of skin does not matter,but love matters most in
life. Tanya
Hello, my star of hope xxx

Thank you for your reply, it already means a lot for me. You never
know where you find your second part and as you know that is why I m
here and I m very serious about it, xxx . And I am sure that it is
a little sign for us and we should not miss it! I know that it will
not be easy to start to know each other then we will see what happen.
Do you agree? Thank you for information about you. I can make you
sure, I don t drink and smoke. When I was younger I tried to smoke,
but I didn t like it, because I began to cough. It was awful
experience. I like to drink bear, but in small quantity. I like taste
of it. I can t understand how men like drunk women. It is so
disgusting, especially women who take drugs. I like sex too. I think
it is the best way to show love to beloved person.

I am from those people who never sit and wait when their dreams come
true. I am trying to do my best to reach something in this life,
something great and exciting, xxx . I know that nothing comes to us
by itself, so we should not wait, we need to act!!! And I acted, acted
a lot. It would be better to start to introduce myself from the
beginning. I was born on the 3rd of December 1978, in the small
beautiful town Kamishnoe , which is situated in the east part of
Ukraine. For sure I can’t complain on my life. I grew up in lovely big
family. When I was 16 years old my parents split up and mother got
married ones again and asked me to raise my 3 brothers. I studied at
school, worked and took care of my brothers. They were good boys. I
was really happy. But as all people they have grown and have fluttered
out from a nest. I am happy and proud to know that they are successful
and happy in their own families. We never saw our father from our
childhood. He was not ready to sit at home and help us and wanted to
travel. I hope to see him one more in my life. My mother is happy with
her new family and I m happy about her. What about me I don’t want to
keep secret from you that I was married and I have my little beautiful
daughter Kira. I hope that it wouldn t frighten you off. I am sure
that we must be honest with each other. If you are interested in me I
will tell you in my next letter the story of her birth. Oh, by the way
I attached a photo with her, also with my brother and other with me,
for your to know me better. My friend wants to be a professional
photographer, so she likes to train on me)))) hope you will like my

I hope you ll answer me soon and I wait for this so much)))) If you
want to have answers on some specific questions, then just ask and
I ll answer you.

Sincerely Tanya