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Would like you to tell me about yourself and send me some resent pics of yourself;

Hi ,

Thanks for getting back to me.A close look at the time we have had in our past life has a lot to show in the course of a relationship. I want you to know that I have been wondering and thinking what it was like having a mutual commitment but i guess i will find the right answers very soon.I want to believe you have had several life experiences and those experiences have got a lot to do, the actions of the past has really made it a real deal in taking into consideration what to do and what conclusion we might arrive at in all that we do.

Several times I have looked up and down the whole of the earth and search for true love of a lifetime , although I have been hurt in a relationship before and it has really made me stop getting into one for a long time, yet I feel there is always a time to get better and start all over again with the right man so that the relationship may last for a long time.

I am being careful as best as I could in having a decision that I will live and stand by all my life, I am not ready to be hurt and not ready to hurt someone but to start a new relationship with my soul mate...I have always believe there is someone out there for everybody.

I want to be bold in every decision I make although I have a fragile heart and that is more reason why I want to be careful in decision making. I will not want to make a decision and regret I ever did, I believe if a decision is worth taking, then I should rather go for the best.

I am a down to earth lady who takes a lot of pride and i like to make myself happy at all times with my likes and dislikes as follows:
My Likes:
(1)Honesty, loyalty and a gentle heart
(2) I love going to the Cinemas
(3) A cool time at the sea side
(4)A dinner or time out with a loved one
(5) Camping, Mountain climbing
(6) I love reading novel but I have never been reading them lately as a result of my busy schedule here..

My dislikes are lies, dishonesty, and every act of deception. I also hate it when I am being taken as such.I have my plight in life as making everyone around me happy until am gone to give account of what i came to do on earth.I also have a great religious beliefs and I love it when we are good to the best of our thoughts and have a good though towards each other.

Am a fashion designing agent and due to the nature of my Job, am presently on contract to london uk and will be leaving as soon as my contract ends here in 3 weeks time.I think I should stop here till I read from you, and please do answer the following questions:

1) Can you send me a recent picture of you?
2)What do you seek in Relationship?
3)What type of relationship do you seek?
4)What interest you the most?
5)What type of Lady are you Looking for?
6)What do you do for a Living?
7)What do you for fun?
8)What are your turn on and Turn off?
9)Would you hit your Lady with any Reason?
10)What experience do you have about the dating scene?
11)Does Distance and Age Matters to you most?
12)Do you like to flirt about?
13)What does love mean to you?
14)How do you treat your Lady?
15)Do you Love Public Intimacy?
16)What are you likes and dislikes?
17)Whats your Favorite Food,movie and color?

I have requested for answers to these in order to know what you are really looking out for so we do not waste each others time.
Looking forward to read from you.