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i am very glad to receive your message,i w ant us to take time to know each other well
hoping that we have a nice relationship.a little about me,i am pokuaa
single,well educated looking for single man in my life,fora serious nad long term relationship
want to build a serious relationship with him
are you looking for relationship,maybe marriage
how many children and wives do you have
how many female friends do you chat and write
is anyone from Ghana
hello ,my dearest man xxxxx
i am much interested in your mail and words you sent to me
in the first place i want to introduce myself to you
i am a girl of 28 years of age,i am really looking for
having the taste of being in loved and to be loved..
my dear i seek for the man of my life,someone to shear and make love,family,have children with him
meet for possible meet and also establish a strong family based on love and mutual understanding with him.
i have being into a nasty and foolish relationship in south Africa when i was 24 years
the relationship ended very good as i want it because i don t w ant to be cheated in the second time
right now i am thinking of you my love,from the first time that we exchange mails at aff to know each other
my father is Ghanaian and my mother is from south Africa cape Town.i live was staying in south Africa till i completed the senior high school
when i was in the age of 25 i move with my father in Ghana to further my education in the university
i am in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi
i am in level 400.but i have lost interest in education for now,because my father who was sponsoring me here has lost his job and now
he receives low income which i can t use to further the education tell you about everything about our family,there was a departure when my father came to Ghana
so i am with my father now in Ghana..
i think as a younger age this is the best time for me to start seeking for my perfect match,
whom i can live with him and develop a family,
i will like it if you are truly interested in my age and will like to cope with me..
i am highly interested in you my dear..can we exchange mail to each other and know each other well
i really like you and will like to have you in the rest of my life
can t wait to hear from you.
take care and stay safe
i want you to create a yahoo account so that we can chat also
i need you in chat my know charting it means talking on phone or just meeting each other you prefer the charting,can you create a new yahoo account so that you give that to me only so that we can chat to know each other better..
i ma much interested in you my dear and i want you in my life..i hope my age is good for you..i really like sex my love and wishes to have it anytime ..
i want to be your wife,the woman that you are seeking in life so that we can meet very soon to have real love and life together..
i want to be your love,to shear love with you,make sex and romance,have children,develop a strong family..
please try to email me back
i hope you like the pictures i sent you
and will be great full to have your number so that i can send you text messages
take care and write soon
did you received my message
can t wait to hear from you,are you tired,busy from from work,don t know what keeping you so long in replying to my message i sent to you..
can t wait to hear from you, wishes to make love with you,take you as my love and husband and have children with you
take care and write soon
hello my dear
don t know the reason why you don t write,is there anything wrong my dear
what is preventing you from emailing me..please tell because i m confused,
wanting to hear from you soon