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Hello my dear,

How are you today? hope is every well with you.
I will be very happy for your response to this email i sent to you this morning .
I would like to establish a good relationship with you in a true love, if you don t mind.
My name is Anthonia Dahija 24 years old girl.

I am the only daughter of Late Dr Dahija Herve from Ivory coast,

my father was one of the member of nationalistic parliament and also minister of transport,
my father died together with my Mother during the war in my country Ivory coast.
i managed to escape for my dear life and ran into a neighboring Country Senegal and i am residing here as a refugee in UN refugee camp. Meanwhile, I am writing to you now from our Reverend,s computer and will like to know more about you as we further our communications in a true relationship.

I will like to know what you do for a living, as you know a journey of thousands miles start with a step and i believe that we have started.

Here is my pictures i came here with, and i will like you to send me your pictures as well and more details about yourself.

Waiting for your reply soonest!
from my heart
Hello my beloved,

Thanks for your kind and well explained mail to me, our good Lord will bless and grant all your heart desire, and i am very sorry for what happened between you and your country ladies, well, we can not be the same.
i enjoyed reading your long mail and i feel that i have gotten what i am looking for because is like i am about to have a new family which i have been long looking for in place of my lost families and beloved parent.

I have been praying and asking God to assist me with a trusted person that will help me out of these bad condition.
Now i hope you have heard what is happening over there in my country Cote D Ivoire again, as the former president refused to step down for the new elected president, and these have claimed the life of thousands of the Ivorian since then, power seekers has been the problem of Africans that keeps me in these bad condition today, making me an orphan, and it keeps on in that country not only.
All these is making me to loose confidence staying with theses bloody African that know not God.
And i keep praying to God to help me with a honest and sincerely person whom i can trust with my life, and at your very first respond my spirit choose you while prayed.
Please i have decided to come into your life to make you a happy man for the rest of your life and to build our family in one love.
so that i can live a normal life like others are living because i have not committed any thing to deserve all these suffering in life.
My dear i am suffering and tired of staying here in this camp, these place is not good for a young lady like us that have brighter futures. to eat well is very big problem, Africa and there system is a different type. we pass some days without eating any thing,
In fact life here in the camp is like one staying in the prison. i need your assistance for freedom to live the rest of my life a happy woman.
I am ever ready to join you in your residing country so that we can be together to make our life easy for us.
please my dear, i want you to help me contact our reverend father in-charge of the refugee camp and ask him the possibility of my freedom to be free and leave the camp,
his name is Reverend father Cicero Kabar, his mail contact is ( and cell phone no is +221-76-345-1665, he can speak English, please call him and tell him that you are a friend to Miss. Anthonia Dahija, if you want to speak with me he will send and call me from the camp to his office to answer your call. and with his assistance i will get my visa to your country.
please i want you to contact him, as he realize that you are behind me he will do his best to assist me for my coming.
I promise to remain loyal and humble to you as i will be with you to take good care of you and to make you a happy man for the rest of your life in one love and good success.
i will be waiting to hear from you,
thanks and remain blessed for me,
yours sincerely Anthonia.
Hello my dear,
How are doing? didn t you receiver my mail? why no respond from you?
i am still waiting your reply