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I ve tried to be alone but now thrown the challenge to explore new
life experiences and i am not age preference background.Through my job,i had these traveling
opportunity,and i used to learn different cultures of different people and it has even faded my
accent a little.I am a catholic but not a very active member in my congregation but I am open
minded to other s faith. I like all kinds of music..but my favorite.are rock,r&b,hip hop and
classics a movie nut also....mostly with action packed and drama love and romance and a
movie that makes one to think . I love to watch horse racing ,love adventure .I live alone with my
only mother after my dear dad passed away from a cancer operation 15 years ago.My favorite.
color is blue.I do enjoy swimming,love to travel (part of my work) , go to the theater, dine out,
walk around town,go hiking,camping, or just sit and relax at that was just a summary
of me.I used to work as sales girl in a mining company but left the work 4 months ago due to a reason.
I am an independent woman who is okay being single but knows how much better life can be when
it s shared with someone special. I am lovely sincere, fun to be around,passionate/sensual and
uninhibited with the right woman. I have been told my best qualities are my compassion, sense of
(find it everywhere and quick to laugh), and warm personality. I am an open-minded
person who tries not to judge others by my standards....the kind of person you can count
on,dependable, true to my word and a loyal friend to those I love. And, I tend to be "young at
heart" appreciating and enjoying
life s simple pleasures that come our way everyday. For whatever reason, people
seem to be comfortable and quickly at ease in my company.. Maybe it s because I m
unpretentious, sensitive to others who I treat with respect and dignity, and down-to-earth with a
good sense of humility.
I believe in romance, honesty and looking for the best qualities in
anyone I get to know, understanding that nobody is perfect...especially me. I ve made more than
my share of mistakes but I ve always tried to learn from them and I constantly strive to be a
better person.
Back to saying what I am looking for in man.
I want honesty, faithfulness, kindness, respect, patience and man who adores me, a man who can be hiself when I am with him no matter how quirky or funny it may be. I want to be able to be complimented by his and he complimented by me. Someone who inspires me to be the best I can be and I want to be able to the same for him. I want lots of love and attention. I need to enrich my life with him. I don t need a man to be happy but it would be nice to find that connection with someone very special, I know it sounds corny but someone who completes me and loves me feded. Not saying I want to walk down the isle or anything but that commitment to me and our life together as a family unit.All relationships have some hiccups, that s what makes a life the ups and the downs but know when to compromise, to talk, to iron out the wrinkles etc. I don t like conflict, if there is a problem I want to be able to sort it out and get past it as quickly as possible, working together with good communication skills. We all have our ways of doing things, some suits one and some it does not but I would like to think we could come to a compromise if the need arose.

I want our lives to be filled with happiness and harmony. I want fun, I want excitement, I want the tenderness, the love of a good man I want the right chemistry.
Sorry it is a little long winded, but I could go on Im sure if I tried. I don t want to scare you off
I want alot I know, but I deserve it, and I want it all too.
So there you have it for now. I hope you have had time to read it
I m attracted to good men who are well-groomed, in good shape, relatively intelligent and
mature, with a sense of humor and a good heart. Someone who chooses to experience life rather
than rush through it. .I consider myself lucky to be in good health, to have a nice home and to be
in a career that I enjoy. I have a good life and I m grateful. Now all I
can ask is to hopefully find a great man to share it with,guess i have nothing to say for
now,will tell you more in my next email. Have a great day and stay bless
whats your favorite color-blue?
food and drink - fillet with a sweet glass of vine-place to go - on a walk holding hands with the one
I love to spend time with.
Flowers are a passion of mine I grow roses and pink roses are my favorite..Cologne -well I like
several I always ask who I am dating to let me know what he likes so I can keep his close.Snack food ice cream,pizza pop corn gift to receive- one that is
unexpected and comes from the heart.
Clothes and style I like comfort, but I do like to look neat and stylish Candy- chocolate!!
City-Rome Italy and Grand prairie is always fun to visit.Country - Italy and USA.
I hope this is a ray of sunshine to get to know me and remember to practice random acts of
Will be so glad you tell me more about you with photos in your next mail.
have you tried online dating before and how long you been on the site?
do you drink or smoke and are you on other dating sites?
AND ALSO am new to the online dating stuff? and tell me more about you with photos.
Good evening dear INGO,
I really like the way we are communicating and i know this is the only way for us to communicate now and see what happens.I know there is more hope as we are alive and let us always project into the future and not the past.You are really a nice man who i can tell just for now that you have a great sense of humor,i can see you are a very hard working independent man.Keep that up.Anyway thank you so much for the compliments of my photos and also do not bother much about your ENGLISH,you are doing better and i understand you better than you think.Good for you that you can understand another international language other than ENGLISH-I would always prefer and ever ready to learn GERMAN,FRENCH AND SPANISH to my ENGLISH.I live in Accra a place called OFANKOR,GHANA.I live with my mother only.I work as a sales girl in a grocery shop and that is what i have been doing for so many years now and have had some certification in computing in addition to that.I do this work to save monies in order to pursue my education and have a better job in the near future,i must say it is a good job because of where i find myself now and even if nothing out of it-it pays the bills.
I have been single for two years now when i decided to have a break from relationship.A friend i trusted so much had an affair with my partner when i traveled to my hometown for two weeks for a family gathering/ceremony.This really affected my emotions for so many months and infact i was really heartbroken that tore me into pieces.I always thank my stars so much that i am still alive and kicking..For all you know anything that happens in this life is meant for us to learn from our past and move on to the future.I have no kids and that is what i desire to have in the near future.I always get so much interests from men allover Ghana here asking me for dates or so but because of my past experience and the way they put things i see no future in that and giving myself a try now for online dating.
Have you tried online dating before and have you had any experiences be it good or bad?
What do you thinka bout the distance and if everything goes right with us,will you be willing to come and visit me ?what do you think about this...You said you been searching on datesites for 3 years and have you not found anyone,tell me more about this...I am willing to relocate to my partner if everything works out with us.
I am looking for someone that loves me as much as I love them. Someone who is not bothered if I am by their side all day long … or all night long. Someone who wants me as much as I want them. Someone that feels like something is missing from their day if I am not around … someone I can no longer live without. That special person will take precedence over current family...
I have two spaces in my heart. One space for my future child and one for that other special person. The space for that special person is a different space and no-one other than that person, can fill that space. They can expect to have my attention whenever it is needed, or the space to breathe … I will not suffocate anyone, but I cannot help showing how I love, just by doing the simplest things in life and treasuring every moment with either my future child or that special person.
When I am in love, I am serenely passionate and love nothing more than ‘serving my man’. I know decision making is one of the hardest jobs in life … and that most decisions are made finally by the male in any relationship but i want a relationship based on the man and woman working as a team.I am a survivor, not a sucker. I take nothing for granted.I prefer to give than receive … in all aspects of life. I am either there 100% or I am not at all … and I am often considered a driving force in team work activities. I won’t stop just because it gets hard or boring … for I know those who sow, shall also reap. I also know that those who wait, shall also receive and that all good things come to those who wait with an open heart and mind.
I don’t want to change my partner … I want to be able to blend our lives together. I want to be able to shower that special person with coffee in bed … nice romantic evenings, soft candles and all the other trimmings. I want him to feel loved more than life itself … and for him to want to come home, falling into each others arms with the biggest hugs anyone can deliver. I want that closeness again too … how I yearn to love the right man again, but admit straight up, I am very rusty as I have remained celibate all these years, but I do know ‘all my bits’ still work, lol. (lol = laughing out loud).I love sex very much and with the right man.I love all the romance,cuddling,caressing and all that goes with a pleasure love making and also love oral sex...
SEX is the integral part of dating/relationship and this keeps the two involved get more attracted and bonded together not forgetting its pleasures,it also makes a relationship build up so strong.
I hope to hear back from you … as I really do enjoy reading all you are telling me...
I really admire your lovely photos so much,you are indeed a handsome man ..
Hope you are doing well and so far your week is been good my dear man.It was nice to hear from you the first time and indeed your photos look so nice,you are a handsome gentleman.
I have not had a response from you about me or if you had not got any mail from me then kindly tell me and if you did receive it just reply me and let us start from there.