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Hello, dear)) I am so glad that you pay attention on me as I am really
interested in you too)) I hope that we will have a nice communication
here and may be we will be a couple, who knows? At any rate we can be
friends firstly, what do you think about this? I think that this is
time to stop being alone and start new page in our lifes, because a
lot of things in this life depend on us, if we want to change
something, we do this, this is my point of view) So,let s start our
trip for happy future!!
Hello xxx!

Thank you for your letter ad also for your photo, I like it very much
and also I would like to say that i am very glad to know about you
more, you seem to be very nice person, I like your life principles)).
I am so glad to get it form you))Probably you are surprised by getting
my letter, but I am here to find my love or at any rate a good friend
and I think that nobody can find it for me , just me )))That s why I
also ask you not to be shy if you are interested at knowing me and
tell me about your life)))

I also would like you to know from the beginning that I use
translation service and if this is not a problem for you, I will be
just very glad))

Ok, let s shake hands!! My name is Ludmila and my friends can call me
Mila, if you like you also can call me this way)) I am from
Alexandrovsk, this town is situated in Eastern Ukraine, but now I live
in another city not far from my native town) I was born the 19th of
January, 1980. I have both my parents alive and I am the only child in
the family)) All the members of our family are musicians and me
too))We like music very much, my mom plays piano and my dad plays
saxophone and I play guitar. I teach children playing guitar and like
my job very much in spite on that fact that teachers in Ukraine have a
small salary. For me the main principle is to love what I do and do
what I love)) What about you? Do you like your job?

In general I am very creative person, I like meeting with friends the
same as being alone))I am also very romantic person and I hope that
you are too) If I meet you in real life, I would invite you for a
date, I think that I would chose a place on roof, where we would have
a nice talks and nice view)) And what place would you choose?

Ok, xxx, I think that this is enough information about me for
today)) I would love to get a letter from you , where you will tell me
more about your life the same as I did))) I wish you a nice day)

your new friend Mila)

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