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Hello, dear xxx! It is me, your new friend Olya. How are you today?
I m well, but feel a little nervous, as it is my first experience in
the Internet and I don t know from what to start, as I have secret
wish - that you like me;) Ok, I hope you don t mind about a little
fun;-) I d like to know so much things about you, such as your style
of life, your hobbies, your dreams and expectations from our meeting
and everything what you wish to share with me.

What can I say about myself... I have a stable and calm character, I m
very patient and kind person, caring and sympathetic, I will never
leave a person in the trouble. I m cheerful and optimistic, I like to
smile, I think it makes life easy. I m sensitive and romantic, I like
to show my affection to my beloved man, pamper him with kisses and
hugs. I m not materialistic, I think that together we could obtain
much more in every aspect of the life. Here I want to meet a nice man
with serious intention and wish to build stable relationship, hoping
with me;-) I m single already about three years after the divorced; I
don t have children, though I love them.

As for my general information, I m 31 years old lady live and work in
Kharkov, it is my native place. I was born on the 10th of January in
1979. I m 170 cm tall and my weight is 57 kg. I should tell that I m
sportive lady, I do fitness and aerobics, also when I have an
opportunity to go to the swimming pool, I like to swim. In one word, i
try to keep myself in a good shape. It happens so that sport occupy a
part of my life, it is also because I work in the sportive school as a
directory of studies. I occupied this place not for a long time, so
there are many things I need to perceive in this profession, but you
know already, I m optimist, so everything will be well;-) Also my
father imparted me a love to the sport, he is a great fan of football,
doesn t miss any match! I have both parents, but all my life i live
with my father. My parents divorced when I was little and it happens
so that I stayed live with my father. Two times per year I meet my
mother, she comes to me, as she lives in Russia and has another family
there. So I have one brother from this side;-) Also I have my
grandparents from the side of my father, they live in the village and
I visit them as often as I can. One more member of my family is my
puppy, her name is Lily. I will look for her picture and then send it
to you. My main hobby is to cultivate indoor plants, I have many of
them at home! Also I adore to cook and don t afraid experiment, though
sometimes I receive not the expected result, any way my father always
tells me that I cook tasty;-) Also I like culture actions, such as
visit to the cinema or theater.

Wow, it seems I have told you all my biography in some words, so i
think it is time to stop as I don t want that you lose the interest to
read my letter;-)
I wish you to have a nice day,
And will wait for your reply,
your Ukrainian friend Olya;-)