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Hello dear one

Am booty from AFF i got your mail with your email address and you ask me to email you..i hope we are both looking for the same thing and wish we continue like this until we meet face to face...i will love you to know that am not on here to play games or jokes and very serious on my search..hope in hearing from you are some pictures of mine and i hope you like them...reply me when you are serious and hope to get along.waiting

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Hello dear

Nice to have read a mail from so very happy,well a little more about me and also well be waiting to hear a little more about you too..Am Bernice Darkoa ,born from a Ghanaian lady to U.S man Mr Bernard Dave Simmons..who got marry ed for 20yrs and now separated and divorce.

Am a young lady and hard working and don t have any chance of dating after my first separation because of my training and my man also not been honest and caring for me...which i well like to start with now if you are really honest and caring..then you are most welcome to a broken heart which needs to be replies.

Am in Accra-Ghana now with my mom for my last and ever training as an Air-Hostress with Delta-Airlines,i like this work very much and always dreaming of makes me look great .neat and smart,do u like my work?well soon i well finish with the course and well sign in for duty.

Am new to this online dating and was introduce by a friend..well i never accepted it when she found her love one and have already gone to meet him when they announce our last vacation so i decide to give it a try and lol and behold you are the only and first man i got a mail from and i hope we get along and continue like this till we learn more about each other well to meet in future.

What about you..tell me more about yourself who you are,where you work,where you living now and why you still single or divorce?and also below are my pics well send you more later ?i have to end here and anyway sorry for the late in reply you know this our training been busy..hope in hearing from you soon...take care

Hello dear

Have not hard from you for sometime now why?don t you want as to get along again..?please let me know...