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Hi Dear,

Thanks for your mail.Compliment of the season to you there. This is my picture,i hope you will like them? I am in spain presently and i am lonely here,i just need someone i can really trust and call my own.

Send me your picture too,ok

Yours friend,

Blessing .
Hi My Dear,

How are you today?I am so happy to see your message and your pic,any time now that i think of you i will now know that i have somebody to talk to, it makes me happy and gives me joy. Here is my pic again .I have

never know a man before,you are going to be the first man in my life.I want to give you all my word.Do not break my heart please,because i have given you my heart.

I am living in here in a humanitarian home here in spain,,since i don t have anybody to live here with in spain.I will be very happy if you can come and visit me here in spain.

In case you want to call me on phone,you can call me through the Rev father office phone number, 0034 698-342-164, he is in charge of the camp,tell him you want to speak with

blessing,he will send for me to come and receive your call,he is a good man,
hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards From

Blessing .