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hello my dear new found friend ,how are you doing i think that you are looking great,by the way i got your information from AFF.COM .say that you are looking for a women to spend the rest of you life with her and is almost 5 month now and your profile really impress me and i still think about it and i decide to contact you dear because i am also looking for the same that is why i contact you, because i know we will be perfect much for each other,By the way i am MARY JONES a lovely nice lady who is really looking for a man to share the rest of my love with him,but no jokes or game because that is what people are doing on dating magazine and dating sites ,so if you are interest in me and not coming to play joke. let us keep on writing to each other so that we can get to know each other very i am sending you some picture so that you will know whom you are talking to,bye and write back, MARYS
hello my dearest new found friend . how are you doing this lovely day ? i am hoping that all is really well with you .but your life is really cool there . i am doing good with my life and health just that i have been stressed up by the work i am doing .i want to tell you that i am so much interest in your profile and thank you for your mail and i am so much interested in it ok.
let me tell you more about me .i am MARYS KEELING i am a lovely nice looking lady who is really seriously looking for a nice caring ,honest faithful lovely man to share the rest of my life with in real happiness and joy.i am a fashion designer by profession and very active and hard working lady who will like to do everything to help my lover to be in every way that i can .i am disease free and don t use drug .i drink wine and i like red wine because it is very romantic but i don t drink hard alcohol ..i am very educated in cooking and i must say that i am someone who likes cooking .i am average built . i am a catholic and i must say that i am honest ,faithful ,sincere,loyal,kind , trustworthy ,entrusted person,sociable ,loves to make people around me happy and i like to laugh a lot .i am very caring and generous person and people say that i am very peaceful .
i have been here for the past two months now for a fashion designing show and I sign up to this site to looking for someone to share the rest of my love with him, because two is strong then one. so when i saw your email and profile at and i want to try and see weather i can get in contact with you and i am really happy for that because it seem to me that you are the type of person i am looking for,because we have soo many thing in common, But i only came here for fashion designer program and it will end soon and i will go back to see my mother, because it has be a long time i set my eye on her and she is the only one i have in this world ,that is why i really need man to spend the rest of my life with him. so if you want us to spend the rest of our life and love together let us keep on writing to each other so that we will get to know each other better, because i don t want any more break heart because i just came from broken heart last year and i don t want it to happen again ,before i can join you because i really love your country, mostly and i am going back since i don t know any body here too because we just came in us a group from different country for the program so if you are serious let us keep on the faith because i know we can be a perfect much for each other. so that we can leave together for the rest of our life ,because i am very desperate need some one to spend the rest of my life with him. because i am not getting any younger But there is a break up between my parents that is why me and my mother relocate at the age of 5 years ..i must say that i have a mixed race .i dont like feeling bored and very concern about people around me.i came there for a fashion designing course .But the program will end soon and i will then become an international fashion designer here in the world and can work in any country to support you,
. i am very lonely now because a lady without a man by her side to satisfy her both sexually and physically is not a complete lady and the same apple to man, hence i am here to find that lovely man who is really to love me and be with me in every condition and not cheat on me to marry .i must say that i dont take considerate of age difference because love making is about the heart and how devoted you are in it but not about age difference and physical appearance .i have been into a relationship which did not work for me because my lover was cheating on me all the time even just after having sex with him he will like to taste another lady .i advice him on many occasions and he would not listen. and on last year January he came to tell me its all over because he has found someone whom he rather want to marry .it pained me so much because i entrusted in him all my hope and trust and loved him and give him all my happiness and i dont even remember a day where i dont make him happy . i gave him all my money and get him a job and worked so much in improving his import and export business .i will not like to talk more because as i remember i feel like killing myself
Dear i have try to live a normal life but the more i do the more i become lonely and want a man .i have not been myself for a long time and especially when i see two lover together and making love either in a movie or in reality my love .when i came here i realized that the best way to forget about love it to find a new love .i keep answering myself how i can find this man whom i can share my world of happiness and joy with .i want this man whom i will share my romance and love with .when i saw your profile i was soo much excited for the reason i dont know but it seems to me that you are the one i have been looking for all these while and i want to share my world with you .i am very much interested in you and i bet you that if you are going to be true to me i am ready to make you soo much happy and be the one to love you .i want you to feel free to ask me anything you want and i will do it for you .the best way to fall in love is to fall in love as if you have never been hurt before .i need you as mine and i want you soo much ...dearest i want to end my letter here and i will be glad if you will write me back with some pics of your too and if you can send me your phone number .so that we with have some sweet talk on the phone my dearest i have enclosed some pix to it so that you will know whom you are talking and i know you with like . take care.and think that someone really love you here