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To My DearRed rose,

Good to receive mail from you. How are you doing as I guess fine, well is really my pleasure to stay connected with a gorgeous man like you. My name is Miatto Dahu, 26yrs and I m an introvert. I know is some how difficult to start a communication with somebody you have not seen before but all the same humans are made for each other to compliment, disagree and to agree. I am a very social and receptive lady I try to consider the feelings of other in everything I do and I m emotional person who never give room for my feelings to be hurt. Dear, you will agree with me that what ever that happens or comes our way is for a reason for good purpose or negative ones. But I believe our scene will grow up a friendly and passionate atmospheric base for our relationship to love and to care for one another without reservation.

I m practically looking for a man that will love me and respect the feeling of a woman to protect our friendship, a man whom will enhance my life with passion to clone me with love each day without season, day in and day out and not randomly lover. Some one who has a big humor to be my Buddy as I will equally return great measure of pleasant love to him. As a lady, i often think staying in my man s arms to be with him every time to share his ups and down and be of contribution when ever he needs my opinion in making decisions. My hobbies are dancing,reading,watching TV, beaching. I take little drink and never smoke, I also like hanging out with friends when I am free and I do exercise ones a week.

About my barround, I live with my parents and I m from family of four and the last child of my parents. I only attended High School but still willing to further if I had the opportunity cos I presently ended my contract with my employer and I am seeking for another new job. Am from THE GAMBIA in west Africa.

I hope to get your quick reply and know little things about you, your present location. Looking forward to read your mail. Hugs!!

MiattoRed heart.
Hello My Dear,

It really sound well knowing more about you and wishes to find a woman of your dream whom will spend the rest of her time as a wife with you. Your picture is seductive and I must confess that I am tramped and attracted to the pictures I saw. Your personality is quite a lovely one and your guild is perfect one. I belief we can make perfect couple if we give ourselves the opportunity to maintain this communication.

Your English is good as I can understand every single words and your expression which is what matter s in communication because communication is two ways thing, hence both of us can understand each better then we don t have any problem. You are very open in your mail and had deep into your private life to show how genuine and sincere you are in this connection with me which I do appreciate because you are different from must men and the bases of any relationship is trust and sincerity which I have already again in you.

In my previous mail, i said must things about myself and I belief I was understood which is also part of the reason you find it easier to tell me things about yourself. Your age is ok by me because you are not that too old, in any relationship between two people the only person that can t be compromise is when the female is older and possibly in the stage that giving birth becomes problem, since I am young and I want to start having babies of our own to my man that get married to me possibly you as I see compatibility in our correspondence and I assume we are going to make a perfect match together.

Your job is taking must of your time, but it really don t matter as you will need to aim money to rise up a family and for the future too. I will be happy to meet you in person and to be together and if you choice for us to get married in your country then we will have wedding there together and legalize our union and become husband and wife. I understand you don t want to travel out of your home to live anywhere, them is possible that I come for some reason, one I don t have a job presently that can hold or stop me from traveling to anywhere. My Aunts live in Senegal and she even want me to visit her in Dakar-Senegal because I don t have a job now so I am even considering traveling to Senegal by the weekend to join her. Even at that, i will still remain in communication with you so don t get bothered if am not going to write you again.

The issue now is even if you want me to come, it will be better that I get a visa when I travel to Senegal because is very easy getting European Visa from there because must people here in Gambia travel to Senegal to get Visa, so if we agree of me coming to Germany, then I will find out what it will take to obtain a visa when I arrive Dakar.

One other important question. How many kids do you like to have with me (your wife) ? Will you still permit or want me to go to school if I come to Germany to support you in the up keeping? I will stop here until I hear from you, meanwhile, tell me how was your day and what did you eat for lunch? Sending you warm hugs!!

Hello Sweetie,

My heart searches for you everywhere I go, where have you being and don t care to drop a line of your word to someone close to your heart. I m hoping to see a trace of the warmness I found in your mail but till now not yet.

You are ever on my mind, the first thing on my mind before i go to bed and the very first on my thoughts when I wake up to start the day. keeping my heart awake and my dreams alive is you and I could never forget these thoughts of you because I know we have a future together because you have already turn my sky blue.

And when the night falls heavy you will be there as my shining stars to produce light for us to give hope of another tomorrow and full of assurance of joy and happiness till eternity. Come back to me where ever you have been for I think about you countlessly for the feeling about you is overwhelming my heart. Honey write me as soon as possible.