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Hello Janiek,
Your mail and pic are very interesting.Infact I enjoyed it and also you were very plain in teeling me about yourself. Well I will also like to let you know that you are very right that its only when we meet that we can get to know better and be able to say Yes or No.I am the open minded and serious person.I am humble and nerver like quarrelling.I like traveling and visiting.I can see that we have things in common. I like being close to my Lover and ready to relocate.As you can see I am in malaysia now. I send you my pics and hope you will like it.If you like what you see then we will be deciding on getting to meet.I hate penpal.
My Dear Janiek,
How are you doing? I hope you are fine? Well thank you for your compliment.I dont know that you like me that way. Well any way I can not say for sure how serious you are about visiting. I know that some men are only interested in fun and not in a relationship. I hope you are really serious about relationship. As regards, Visa application to Germany, I dont need to apply for Visa. Though I am resident here in Malaysia but at the same time, I am having Russian Passport. I have visited some other European Cities like Brussels and London.And I visit Moscow some times.
Have a good working day and take care.
Love from,
Dear Janiek,
How are you today, I hope you are doing fine? Well I read your mail and you are very right.There is no way we can get to know each other unless we meet. Well I will be prepared for us to meet during the time you said. But if it will be in septermber it will from first week. We will be communicating any way and hope we can exchnage telephone numbers.
Hi Janek,
Nice to read your mail. How was your weekend and I hope its all good? Definitely The ticket inluding tax and baggage charge will be $1500. So you it will be expensive for me as a student.
How do you do today any way?
Have good working day and keep fit.
Love from Ag.
hi Janiek,
I read your mail. Hope you are ok. Well which other way do you expect me to come? I dont think there is any other way except by Air and the fare is $1500 baggage and tax inclusive.
Thanks and have a good working day. take care.