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Hello xxx !
Glad to see you interested in me!!!So,let s start our acquaintance.
My name is Olya. I am optimistic,romantic girl from Ukraine.
I dream to find happiness in my life. And I think that it is impossible
to be happy if you are alone.
It may sound banal, but I think that any person can t be happy enough without real love.
love makes people feel complete. Love has the power to do everything:
to take away your life and to give it back to you.. It can break a war
and heal people’s souls. And I belive that love has no borders,
that is why I am here,in Internet. I want to find my real second half, wherever he may live.
I am sure that to be loved is not only a woman s dream. In the relationship
I value stability, honesty and reliability. I belive that honesty is the first and the
most important step in building relations. That s why I look for
truthful relations, I want to find a serious and responsible man, but
at the same time kind and romantic. When a person is really yours, you
feel it at once. And maybe we are the halves from the whole one- you and me?
Who knows. Let s get to know each other better and see.
If you are still interested and share my views, you are welcome to write at my e-mail
Tell me about yourself,be free to share your thoughts and views to me.You may ask
me whatever you want to know about me.
I am looking forward to your letter!!
Hi, xxx!!
I was very glad to receive your letter! I have been waiting for it!! How are you today?
I believe you are having a great day as I do, I am actually in a very good mood today and
I have no doubt it is very positively influenced by you! :)
Thanks for telling me so much about yourself and your life, I hope to get to know more in your next letters!!
I liked your picture!! Thanks for your compliments to me!!
Communication is one of the largest key factors to a happy relation.
When you meet people like this as we do now, sending letters to each other over Internet you
never know who you really are talking to. I hope that we, you and I can trust each other and
have a happy time while we get to know one another better!!! By the way, have you met anyone
from Internet? What is your experience here? I am here not long ago, so can not say anything
definite. I only know that there are a lot different people here, both good and not very honest,
with different goals. As one wise writer told "The most important thing is invisible to the eye,
only one heart." And my heart is my guide in life. It is seldom mistaken.
By the way, I know that there is the common meaning about Ukrainian women looking for
foreigner. Many people think they are looking for a better life to live, for rich
husband and glamour life. I can t say for sure that about all women, there are people and people.
But as for me I don t have a goal to find a foreigner as my future husband. I ma just looking
for my second half, my true love, no matter where he lives. And Internet gives us
many opportunities to succeed in it. Besides, in my native town I would never have a possibility
to meet so many interesting and different people.
I live in a small Ukrainian town Izyum, it is very close to the city of Kharkov. It is a small
quiet , but very beautiful town with wonderful nature and landscapes. So, I should say that
I am a provincial girl :) I have never been abroad, I only dream about it. I hope that one day
these my dreams will come true. And what about you? Have you travelled anywhere? If yes, what
are your favorite places?
I was born on October 10, 1980. So, I will celebrate my 30 anniversary soon. I am Libra by
horoscope sign, if you are interested in this.
I work at a hospital as a medical nurse. My job is rather difficult and
sometimes takes too much time. But I like it very much. I like helping
people, and at my work I do it every day.
I live alone in a small flat. My father lives not very far from me, he lives alone, as my mother
died 3 years ago, she was my most close person in this world, I think I will never be able to
cope with this terrible loss in my life. I miss my mother very much, I feel I miss something very
important and essential in my life since she has been gone. I spend a lot of time with my father,
we are very good friends.
I have an older sister, but she lives very far away in Russia with her own family. We meet seldom
now, it is a pity. I should say that I am a lonely person.
I think I am an open person, which can be trusted, with humor and for whom the real values are
very important. I am also tender,attentive and very romantic. I am an outgoing person, I could
be talkative or quiet but I think that this depend on the confidence that you have in
the persons with who you are.
I am really romantic and passionate (about life, my future soul mate,...).
My interests are various: I like flowers, to make home cozy, to read,I like to draw, to go
to the cinema . I have been attending dancing school for 10 years, so I am almost a professional
in this, I like music.
I am alone because I prefer to be alone than with the wrong person. Of course, I had previous
relations. I have been in a 3 year relations with a man, we were quite happy together, but I
think that was not real love. And then he met a woman and fell in love with her, their feelings
are true,
they are still happy together. I understand this, I don t
blame him, this is life. I think that we weren t just made for each other. But it was very
painful when we broke up. So I am alone almost fro two years already, I am quite cautious about
relations now. I want to be with my special one, once and for the whole life. Could you tell me
about your previous experience?
I am looking for someone who can spend time with me doing what I love to do and doing what
he loves to do. I think, all good relationships start as good friends, and seem to stand the
test of time when love develops later. I feel as if I have a lot to offer someone and my life
would be most complete to share it with someone special.
I think that sex is one of the most important parts in any
relationship. How is it possible not love sex, kissing, hugging with
your beloved person???? I like sex very much, but it should be only in
a loving devoted relationship.
I am hoping that we ll learn a lot more about each other, and that our relationship grows. I
know we live a long distance apart, but if we want something strongly enough this should not
stop us getting to know each other and see where our future takes us.
Oh, I think I should end now as my letter is getting tooooo long! :-)
I shared my thoughts and views to you. And I hope you will do the same.
If you want to know something special about me, just ask.
I am looking forward to your next letter with much impatience.
Friendly kiss
Sincerely Olya