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thank you heinz for the mail to me here and am happy to get your mail,am single and looking for a mature man to be in a relationship with and create a nice family,tell me about your self.rose
Hello my sweet one hein.
Thank you for your reply, you really are a stunningly attractive perosn
and you look great in your fotos.
A little about me in the meant time.
I am a very genuine person, who is sincere, honest, loyal and romantic.
I do
not lie, and i do not cheat and i like sex alot with my lover and i know
me and you will have a nice sex life togther
I am caring, kind and affectionate. I like all types of music, i enjoy
singing, although i cant!
i like cinema, watching movies, and going for nice romantic meals.

i have one brother, an am very close to my mother and father and
i have no pets, but i like cats and dogs, and would like one one day.
i wish to meet somone who is the same as me, and to share laughs,
jokes, sad
days and happy days, someone who is not only my friend, lover and
but also my strength, as i will be to them.
i hope this person will be you.
i believe life is all about chances, and love is the biggest one, so my
question to you is this,
are you willing to take a chance on love? on me? i mean once you have
my photo and we have
talked a bit, would you be willing to take that chance and be with me
make a start on a life together? to then move on where we would live
I am ready to take that chance. Are you?
Please write back and tell me all about you. What you like and dont
and dont forget to answer my question.
I do not think that if two people are willing to take that chance, that
or distance can be a problem.
If there is anythin else you wish to know about me, please just ask. i
answer honestly,my dear am ready to come to you in germany so that we can build a nice
relationship togther that is based on trust and honesty,i dont have problem with your age
my dear am well travelled and i have been in germany before and i was in duisburg and moers
i was for a conference,i work as a seceretary in a travel agency here in ghana and i schooled
in england for 5 years.
I hope to hear from you soon, rose
i havent heard from you for a week now and did you get the last mail and pics that i sent you?please let me know...rose