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Hello dear how are you doing today i hope you are doing well by the grace
of good well my name is grace i am 35 years old single this is my fest time in this site i am looking for soul mat i will like to know more about you to and send me some pics of you okay kiss.?
Hello dear thank you very much for your lovely mail you send to me i am very happy to here that from you and i am looking for this kind of man in my life you very sensible and i really love the way you talk you are very hansom and caring i just want to say that thank you very much
i am grace 35 years old i am single i never been in married very day and night my mother is worrying me that i sure get married and me to in my life i don.t want to marry black man i am whit so i have to marry whit i need children i love children and i will like to become a good mother in future
any way you look good you are okay i wish you are very good person and serious because i have meat some one in that site before she is not serious and what i don.t like in my life is a person who is not serious i am very serious hard working but i don.t work now because my mother said i sure get married i want you to tell me how many children do you have .. thank you very much my dear hope yo here from you soon
i am very sorry for my English kiss from grace.?

I am surprise for your message.Please explain it clearly to me.As you
know,i love you you and i will continue to love you whether rich or

But regarding my ggod friend who lost her both patrent,and whom now
want to invest her parents fund with you,i believe you as i know and
trust is the right person to lead my friend to invest her fund.

If you will not lead her,it does not mean that i will not love you,i
love you and will continue to be in love with you even to marriage

I need a clear explanation from you.

Your Love Grace.

I agree with you in all respect.How i wish am there with you eating
the vegetables in your garden together with you.

Darling,there is nothing to hide,i luv you whether rich or poor.

Please understand me.

With love from Grace.