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I read on your profile and it was nice and I bet I should let you know what I desire. I intend starting a new life because I see myself not getting younger anymore. I am looking for a man that I will completely adore. I want to have a great friendship with the person I date. The type that even after a year, you get excited when you see the person come into the room. Some qualities that I am looking for are being honest, caring, intelligent, funny, and affectionate. I prefer man who has a good physical shape. I look highly upon a man who has a close relationship with his family, as that is important to me. I also like someone who does not have to be serious all the time, life is too short not to stop and enjoy the little things now and then. I am looking for the all around perfect relationship am looking for someone who is interesting, has a good sense of humor and has a cheerful attitude towards life. Most importantly, I am not looking for someone I can live with but am definitely searching for someone I don t want to live without! I consider myself to be a good person. I have more time to devote to a special gent than I have had in the past. I am a Christian and I have a close relationship with God. I am tall, hard working lady who is fun-loving, caring, honest, and easy-going, a great dancer, well dressed, and average person. Am classy, romantic, considerate, and trustworthy lady. if you have a comment about my not hesitate to write me is some of my pictures and you can send yours as well.

Looking forward to learn more from you soon.
Thanks for the email am really happy to read from you, I was born and brought up in France, presently I reside here in Arlington-Texas here in United States after the death of my father.
you sound nice and cool to me , i haven’t been telling any one about my self , am new to this and i need someone to trust in my life If you are looking for a generous, kind, emotionally secure woman, then I may be your match. I am a confident and driven person who tries to enjoy life to the fullest. I enjoy Setting/reaching goals both personally and professionally. I have been described as multi-faceted and well rounded with many Interests. I enjoy staying fit and active with cycling and running. I also love a motorcycle ride on a nice summer day.

Most importantly,I am secure with who I am. I try to always keep the work / personal balance in check.My name is Francoise Dufour i was born in La-Reunion in France presently live here in United States,I am 35years old single never marry,no kid, I am to merchandise import and export of Textiles. I have a sense of outdoor adventure and love to travel. Whether it is scuba diving in the Caribbean or losing myself on the streets of a new city, I enjoy taking in new cultures and seeing new places. I only wish I had more time to travel and check off more places on my "must see"

I am a casual kind of lady, who would much rather be wearing a skirt and a blouse than a suit, but I do enjoy dressing up for the right person and occasion. Laughter and great conversation are key for me. I do enjoy some independence, but love spending time with people close to me I am very open minded about "the man of my dreams". Age, circumstances, distance are NOT important. You could be 25 or 55, live next door or 3000 miles away, a waitress or a makes no difference... I ll know you are the one when we meet.

take good care of yourself.
Your new friend,