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Hi xxx,

Oh thank you so much for the email, It was very nice to read from your response, Am new to the site and i like what i read from you so i decide to send you an email and am so much happy for getting a mail from you..Now you have gotten to the right person and i would like you to tell me more about yourself and ask me whatever you wanted to know about me also..

Am still waiting to have the email from you that will tell me more about you..

Hi xxx,

Its was nice to read from you on here and am very great for the response..I want you to know am very happy to read from you again.and you should have nothing to be worried about with me at all, I would be honest with everything i want so i much let you know that am naturally from Oklahoma but right here in Nigeria, I would tell you more if you care to know..Like i have said before on the site ..Am new to the site and you are the first man am talking to now..So i think i should let you know this about me....I believe in mailing not chatting because get to know each other better from mails....

My friends consider me to be very calm, attentive, kind person. They can always rely on my help any time they need. I am loving and caring. I am very emotional woman, like honest and respectable people. I don t like to cry, quarrel and tell lies. I want to meet kind, intelligent, respectable and attentive man. I want to be a friend for him at the first time. I d like to create a family with this man if there will harmony and full understanding in our relationship. I want to see my family more happy and united with a lot of love . I love the little expression you made about yourself. Please send me some couple of your picture......

Tell me more about yourself, what you do for living? what you do for fun? what you looking for from your woman. and ask me what ever you intend to know about me too. I will attached some couple of my pics in my next mail , send some to me, so i would know how you look like. Hoping to read from you again........