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Hi Lena!!

First to thank you for your message and that you apologize I needed
this much time to answer you. I sincerely hope that you will not blame
me, but I m really preoccupied with the duties and obligations, I hope
you ll forgive me.:))) So, my name is Samir and I live in the city of
Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have 31 years, I work as an
engineer in my spare time I like to play with my band. I am very
cheerful and pleasant person, with a gentle nature, love to
communicate and meet people, regardless of their religion and nation,
thus I was never loaded, so for myself I like to say that I am
cosmopolitan, of course, that I add that I am single, but it implies
... So it would be something brief about me, I hope your response and
some a little more information about you.:))) Until then, we stay well
to the new meeting.....