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Hello Hein,
thanks so very much for the contact,it makes me feel so
good and makes me feel wanted but the most surprised thing was that
you didn t tell me about yourself here but i hope it s a gradual
process which you will do with time soon or what do you think?

Am Victoria Romany by name and a single lady of 28 years......I lost
my parent about 6 months ago and i live alone but i still thank God
almighty cos is always there for me and i love both indoor and outdoor
games.....Am a very sincere lady that is ready for serious
relationship and i hope you understand my feelings but i have to let
you know the fact that am not here for fun,if you understand
that.....Am a graduate pharmacist but not working yet and still
waiting for my ambition to be completed before i came out with my
dream in life.....I live in Dover,the capital city of Delaware and i
hope i have tell you few things about myself.....I will like to know
few things about you as well and the questions goes this way:

1....What is your full name and where do you live?

2...Do you have parents?What s there names?

3...Where do you work and do you like your job?

4....How long have you been on online date?

5....Are you truly ready for serious relationship or fun?

6....Do you remember your first love and first kiss?

7...Are a supportive husband when it comes to financial issues?

Am very sorry about the long message but i hope you will get back to
me asap when you have this message and i will like you to tell me
about yourself in details and will also like to see your picture as
well and till then,take care and hope to read from you.

Looking for true love,