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It occurred to me that much interest in writing you this mail and hoping everything is well with you and I have been dreaming all day .... I am easy and will smile, as much ... life has always been unfavorable for me, but I am unlucky woman when it comes to relations with a man i met in my life.

..... Have you any experience you want to share with me?
I am very sincere and thinks it s important to ask a lot about you, especially your interest in long distance relationship, I tried once but was not very favorable, however, I have met many people who have had their success stories faith by creating strong in the other and trying to understand the inner essence of romance and love .... I do not mind spending all there to meet a you once I feel there is a chemistry between us.
..... I long for a couple of good heart and class that knows how to treat and respect a woman ...

Family ... This is a very important part of my life, I was always around family and friends, and that makes me feel through much of society and I think its another way to fulfill my obligations to society that I live in ... How do you feel about family and social life and how close are you with your family today.?

Future ... always been my dream to be settled with the love of mylife and make a home together, I probably want to raise a nice family in the future, but God decided weather that will be possible or not, I leave everything in your hands and I tend to look on the desire to raise my own family soon .... and what is your philosophy about babies and settle down with a woman.

I can be pretty fun to be with, I have several insights and sometimes i just will like to reason and make good decisions with my man ... I feel I have to contribute the things that makes him happy, and some of the tasks hectful might find himself in. .. life is not all about happiness, nature can not always be favorable, so I repaired and ready to share and offer something more than love ... i give it all out .. unconditional.For the moment i am back in Ghana where I graduated and now looking for a Job in one of the Hospitals in Accra

Read carefully again and tell me what is your opinion on everything I ve said, trying to be simple, with your points and express maturity enough at all points of fact, be as open as possible and I will be here waiting for your reply ..... . until I hear from you again i say bye. ...
Dearest xxx,

I am baffled after reading your mail but I felt your affection to you on no getting a woman in your country because of their life style, It is rather unfortunate they did not notice the Angel in you as a man, I am astonished to read after all the frustrations you had gone through with no woman in your life all this while.... I almost lost my senses when I was cheated on by my Ex, I was everything a woman can be for him, I work in the house, cook, clean, wash and iron his clothes, sometimes wash the cars together with him…In fact I miss all the romantic moments we have had and I wish to find someone with the right spark to put those smiles I have lost, you just happens to seem too right of a choice but I do not know how certain and ready you are regards to letting the past go by hanging on a new life with hopes of a green future.And I think of extending my love for whoever is close to you and I mean it.

Talk of distance relationships, I was never interested in one till a friend of mine got involved in it, she used to be my personal hair dresser, I could go to her saloon and chat most of my free time when I am not at work… but she is currently married to an Australian man she met online in 2010, they dated online for 3 month and met, she traveled there and has been working and living with him now, we call each other sometimes because she is the only friend I had who knew the secret behind my relationship and how I was cheated at, she encouraged me to search via the internet because there a quite good men who seek for true love beyond worldly gains here, I also believe our relationships better up when we take initiatives to forgive and forget the past and move on with a brighter future by opening up with people we meet, for that reason I share with you everything you wish to know about me and all I need from you is to ask, anything you wish to know. I enjoy family, social events, the movies and the beach a lot, but it has been a years without it, I will like to be out going again, I will be happy to meet you and see how the chemistry between us shall fare, I am serious about everything I say in my mail and I understand the only time to see the perfect picture is by sharing time together and learning from each others actions and reactions, I am sincere, honest and passionate in my encounter, I pray as a Christian and do my best to attend church when I can on Sundays, but I am not very practical in church attendance and I will like to work at that if I find a man who wish to continue that with me.

xxx I understand the effect of living your life a lone as a man, I believe it things shall fare back to normal if you should find a woman who appears lovely and friendly towards you, it is important to create humor and fun in a house, my experience in past relationships has thought me of when and how to be reasonable and rational with folks at all age categories.

Thank you for complimenting on my beauty, I will cherish you to be my best friend, partner and laugh partner, if we are able to meet and every thing seem clear by chemistry I don’t mind committing you forever.I will like you to be very serious with me and for that reason I will like you to go and delete your account on the site we met and never to visit any other site for search again,and I will so do the same.with this revelation we can have a free and fair communication with each other...

Think about everything I have pointed out in this mail and let me know your decision, please try not to respond hastily, I will like you to reflect within your instincts and take serious decisions with me. Till I hear from you again I wish you all the best in the day and I hope you wear a smiley face for me while you conclude the mail.

Sincerely Yours.