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I broke a cup this morning…
Why do I tell this, xxx ? Usual thing – but whenever it happens for me, it is either good or bad sign… or a sign of changes?
i guess it is , especially now, i am sure that something is going to change in life... I cannot explain why , i just have such a feeling, and i usually trust my feelings...
That is why I tend to think that my broken cup was a good sign rather than a bad one ! I wish so !
No, usually I am not a fatalist, I don’t think there is such a fate that we cannot change. And what about you - do you believe in fate, xxx ?? and generally , what are your beliefs, ideas ? views to life ? opinion about people ?
yes, i would love to know really everything , sometimes i get so curious that i forget about politeness - like now , i just realize that i even haven t introduced myself yet ! So, I am Margarita… everyone calls me Rita, you can call me Rita as well, or Margo.. I would prefer Margo. Why? Nobody calls me this – and also, I have never known anybody like you – you are different for me, in many ways – your mind is unknown world, you are probably completely different from me, yet somehow close… I never saw you – and here I m talking to you… all strange.. but strange doesn’t mean bad ;)
So, you can call me Margo… I like the sound of this name, like a French queen… or am I really a queen ? will I ever become YOUR queen?
Time can tell….
i see you wrote me several days ago - sorry , if i knew i would sure check my emails earlier! but i hope that we communicate regularly now , i definitely want to know you better and get closer - and you , do you wish the same ? ;))))) then sure write me back with your photos - i would love to see you , so send some please, ok , xxx ???
i think it will be a great thing that we exchange photos - certainly appearance is not the most important thing, more than that, appearance is not the decisive point for me at all in choosing my partner, in getting in contact with people - but still now, when we dont have chance to see each other talking, when we lack visual contact in communication - i think it will be a good thing to exchange photos , so i hope we start as a smal tradition of ours and continue , what do you think ?? ;-)))