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Thanks you very much for your mail, i am happy that you are a Christian like men i m honest for everything i am doing with people and i have fear of God. so i and my children are very happy to see your mail.
Now, why i am contacting you is to help me to receive my money to your country for an investment because i don t know anything about business and my husband put this money in a bank here in Cote d’Ivoire. before i contacted you i meet with the director of the bank concerning this issue and he said that i should do everything fast to make sure this money leave this country because of the political problems because he don t know what will happen. please i want you to contact the bank with their information below since they are waiting for you to contact them on how to transfer the money to your ACCOUNT.
i will send you the deposit slip which my husband used on the date of deposit open hearing from you Before my late husband was killed,I inherited sum total of
($14,000.000 USD.Fourteen Million USDollars) from some cocoa business
import please contact them immediately for the transfer of the money and tell them that you are my husbands BUSINESS foreign patena that you need this money to be in your account very urgent. i have already introducing you to them and they are waiting to hear from you. please contact them with you full information which they will use to transfer the money. and also send your photo to enable me know who i am dealing with. below is the bank information.
Elizabeth M.Tinambacan

SGBCI - Société Générale de Banques en Cote d Ivoire
5 et 7 Av. Joseph Anoma 01 BP 1355 - Abidjan
France Societe Generale subsidiary
Telex: 23741-23437-23776
Fax: 20 20 14 82
PHONE: +225 08 18 39 76
Director name.KONAN vincent
Attached is my photograph of I and my children.